Dependency and Mental He alth

Dependency and Mental He alth
Dependency and Mental He alth

It has a cruel consequence, dependency

Ramiro grew up with his grandparents Felisa and Justo. As a child he was a normal boy, naughty like everyone else and also very spoiled.

His father was Roberto, a taxi driver, who was the first son of Felisa and Justo; and his mother was Clotilde, mentally ill with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

dependency-and-mental-he alth
dependency-and-mental-he alth

he Has a younger sister, by a different father who was raised by his mother, who is currently married with children

Mary was the second daughter of Ramiro's grandparents, single, Public Accountant.

When I met them, Ramiro was eight years old and lived with his father, who was separated, in his grandparents' apartment.

Felisa and Justo had owned a store, in the golden age of grocers when supermarkets did not yet exist, but they were already retired.

They had achieved a good economic position and had some rented apartments for rent.

Mary lived in her own apartment until she was fired from her job during one of the country's economic crises. Due to that circumstance she fell into depression and never got another job again.

At that time, he also went to live with his parents and rented his apartment to earn an income

So Mary, Roberto and Ramiro lived in the grandparents' house for a long time under the tutelage of Felisa andRight.

Felisa was a domineering and overprotective woman who lived aware of them and Justo was an absent figure.

Ramiro was unable to finish high school and during his adolescence he suffered from some episodes of seizures and violent attacks

he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and had to be medicated because he even attacked his grandmother with a knife

Justo passed away when Ramiro was around fifteen years old, before his grandson experienced the first symptoms of his mental illness

Ramiro's father was a gambler and to pay off his gambling debts he even sold two taxis that his mother had bought for him, until he finally continued working as a laborer.

But by now he was already sick. He died shortly after suffering from a brain tumor that appeared suddenly.

Meanwhile, his sister also fell ill with breast cancer and died shortly afterwards.

Ramiro was left alone with his grandmother who was already an elderly person

Hehe Abused her grandmother to the point of leaving her locked up, not eating or drinking for several days and taking the key

The neighbors filed a complaint against her and fortunately they put her in a nursing home where she lived for a long time until her death

Ramiro was left alone in the apartment, they cut off his electricity, gas and even water because he wouldn't let the plumber through to make a repair due to a leak

he lived in poverty until the authorities awarded his guardianship to a judge tomanage his income, pay the bills and control his behavior through a therapeutic assistant who monitors him from time to time, to put some order and clean the apartment, which almost always remains in a state of abandonment, without electricity or gas.

It is clear that Ramiro inherited the right field to develop the same illness as his mother, but it is also true that he belonged to a typically schizophrenic family.

In spite of everything, he is around 30 years old nowadays and doing quite well. He lives with a friend who is also from Borda Hospital

Though I'm not really aware of his circumstances, the last time I met him, he looked fine

He belongs to a therapeutic group at the Borda Hospital and is a member of the radio cast “La Colifata”, and if someone asks him what he does for a living, he says that he is a journalist.

I've seen him on television reporting for the radio from the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

This case is a good indicator to think that the mental he alth system in Buenos Aires, with young people, sometimes works.

For obvious reasons I have changed the real names of the protagonists of this story.

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