Sexual Freedom

Sexual Freedom
Sexual Freedom

Casual sex is not freedom but promiscuity.

New Scientist magazine publishes a recent study by Lynda Boothroyd and her colleagues from Durham University, Great Britain; which reflects that most men and women, to know if a person seems like a good candidate for a formal relationship or occasionally, according to their interests, can be guided correctly, looking at their photograph.

sexual freedom
sexual freedom

This appraisal, apparently so subjective and unfounded, seems to be, for most of the people surveyed, an accurate index so as not to be wrong.

The men and women who looked more attractive in the photographs were perceived as people with a greater tendency to casual sex, a condition that the respondents had subsequently corroborated in their experiences.

This indicator of sexual behavior is obviously useful when establishing a relationship, since it allows the approach of people with the same objective.

This study was dedicated to looking at the different attitudes that exist towards sex and the factors that influence these attitudes, such as culture, education, personality, age or gender.

The psychologists Jeffry Simpson, from Texas A & M University, and Steven Gangestad, from the University of New Mexico, who were among the first to dedicate themselves to scientifically observingsexual attitudes, found that those who have multiple sexual partners have started their sexual activity early, tend to have two or more partners at the same time and in general their relationships do not imply any commitment, dependency or affective feelings.

Men obtain higher scores in this regard than women for obvious reasons, since biologically their condition allows them to enjoy sex without any subsequent obligation, while women must face a possible pregnancy, lactation and childbirth. childcare that most men tend to abandon.

Throughout evolution, according to these evolutionary psychologists, man has been developing a pattern of behavior that allows him to maintain unstable and short-term sexual relationships.

Women have always had to be very selective when choosing a partner because they can be left unprotected and with the responsibility of the children.

However, nowadays, due to the existence of contraceptive methods, women are catching up with men when it comes to casual sex.

David Schmitt, of the University of Bradleym, Illinois, says that according to studies, women prefer men who look more masculine and symmetrical, characteristics that indicate good genes for offspring.

Schmitt conducted research and obtained information on this topic, from an evolutionary point of view, in 48 countries. TheThe result of this study indicates that men are more promiscuous around the age of forty, while women tend to be unfaithful before, between the ages of 30 and 35, when the chances of conceiving begin to decrease, even though they are not consciously interested in this.

The extroverted personality can influence the tendency to promiscuity, according to Daniel Nettle, of the University of Newcastle, Great Britain. Early family history also has its importance as well as the relationship of the parents if it has been conflictive.

Jay Belsky, a psychologist at Birkbeck College in London, believes that a poor relationship with parents during the first four years of life increases the chances that children will have early sexual relations.

Parents, according to a study conducted by Peter Gray of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, have less testosterone in their saliva than uncommitted singles.

Testosterone is associated with mating and competitive behavior; the researchers conclude that a lower amount of testosterone allows more energy to be channeled into the offspring.

Fhionna Moore, from St. Andrew's University in Great Britain, shows that women's economic status also affects their sexual choice.

she found that high-income women place more importance on a man's physical attractiveness than on his financial resources

However, despite the undoubted changes in women's sexual behavior, it is still a long waythe day when the differences between men and women when looking for a relationship disappear completely.

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