Exemplary Lives

Exemplary Lives
Exemplary Lives

It's not about being intellectual but about being wise

At 101 years old she ceased to exist yesterday, an exemplary woman, as rare as perhaps there have been few.

A woman who had discovered the secret of happiness: the simple life.

she arrived from Galicia at the age of 22, like other immigrants, with her hopes pinned on Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century, a country with open arms to all the men of the world who wanted to inhabit this land.


she worked tirelessly, inspired by the he althy European wisdom of every immigrant and raised in a culture that prioritized work, honesty and honor

she married a man from her town in Argentina who, like her, crossed the Atlantic with the same hopes

They had a son who they knew how to educate and raise with the intention of forging a better destiny for him; thus avoiding the uncertainty of the lack of opportunities.

Restless, shrewd, with a strong character, she was able to bear with dignity the difficulties of life that reach everyone, but that cannot always be overcome without showing signs of depression or bitterness.

This true woman used to face the things that happened to her without questioning too much and without protesting, based on an intuitive knowledge of reality and the acceptance of life as it is, a criterion that accompanied her and never quit.

Not yethe was conformist, but realistic and responsible for his actions, without the urgent need to blame others for his condition and with all the energy put into his wise projects.

he never suffered from depression, or took sleeping pills, or had relationship problems, or serious illnesses, or complained about his circumstances; because she was concentrating on her goals with full trust and faith in God

she Loved life; she wanted to live many years and she got it, accomplishing many of the things she had set out to do

Sheshe Extinct due to the wear and tear of old age, without suffering the yoke of a painful disease and without suffering any pain

With the last drop of energy from her she breathed her last, naturally, as all humanity should die, without any suffering

she It was an example of mental he alth and success in her own life, worthy of imitation by those who feel dissatisfied, who live complaining and do not stop questioning themselves about the injustices of life, when they feel frustrated; and to identify those who, in their eagerness to transcend and escape anonymity, develop a spirit of competition and create a performance expectation that they cannot always meet and that causes them stress; because they do not realize that the results that exceed the statistical average are difficult to maintain and that at some point, inevitably, they will be forced to return to the plain; and it is not always possible to overcome the frustration of losing the glory after savoring the victory.

This singular woman could sense thatlife is neither fair nor unfair, it simply IS; that events are always transitory and nothing is forever; that the true sage is the one who is not puffed up with success or bows down in the face of failure and that competing, excelling, standing out, is only a need of the ego, it is pure vanity that always leads us to ask ourselves later: And now what? ?

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