The Punch Man

The Punch Man
The Punch Man

My husband hits me! I have heard this phrase many times, more than one can imagine, and I have always wondered if it is only due to the aggressive attitude of a man who is used to solving his problems with blows, or if somehow the who receives the punishment has not partially favored that situation; and even if for her it can't be a perverse way of looking for communication with the other, she doesn't pay attention.


Because it is not uncommon for a violent fight to end up being the prelude to a violent sexual relationship.

Some women complain that their husbands won't let them do this or that thing they want, be it work or go out with a friend, or have some innocent distraction on their own and they suffer because they get jealous, they become possessive and they don't let them grow.

A woman's attitudes of independence do not begin when she already has a partner, but it manifests itself much earlier, from a very young age, showing that they have known how to defend themselves and have tried to be independent.

So that a man who establishes a relationship, can know quite exactly how far he can go with that person.

If he is a possessive or authoritarian man, he may not be attracted to women who are also dominant, but on the contrary he will try to connect with docile and submissive people, who are thewho put up with everything without complaining.

For there to be a man who punishes a woman, there must also be a woman who allows herself to be punished.

I admit that there may be women who, despite having that type of violent relationship with a man, may love him or feel prevented from trying any way of liberation because they depend on him, and although this despotic treatment of a woman today day it can be reported as family violence, it is difficult for these women to report it, without also risking receiving what they deserve.

Partner relationships are sometimes very complex, because we are ambivalent and love and hate at the same time and many are willing to tolerate a lot of abuse when their feelings are involved.

When a woman can no longer tolerate a situation of violence, if she is not financially independent and has nowhere to go, she is likely to look for another partner to get out of that dilemma with her help.

This is the alternative that some women usually choose to free themselves from continuing to suffer if they don't have children.

When they have children things are more difficult; because it is not easy for women to abandon them. But stories repeat themselves, and when their children grow up they will face the father to defend the mother and in these cases real tragedies can occur.

The violent man is often expressing his hatred because he is sexually rejected; for that very reason he gets drunk and then can uninhibitedly vent his rage

The cause of rejection is usuallybecause sexual intercourse is often unsatisfactory for women.

These men may have had their first sexual experiences with violence, abuse or rape, and this represents a condition for their future sexual relations in adulthood.

In turn, some women who have experienced abuse may also need to live their sexuality violently.

Each case is different, they only have people's unhappiness in common.

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