The Inner Silence

The Inner Silence
The Inner Silence

Sometimes it is necessary to be silent, not to be distressed at nothing but to be able to start over.

Life is movement, but all movement ends, it has a result, to give rise to another new task. In this way, it teaches us that at some point we have to stop in order to improve our perspective.

Polarities are the creators of movement; such as sleep and wakefulness, rest and work, childhood and youth.


When something ends there is an empty interval, a silence that some cannot bear because they do not know that it is time to let go, not to act, to see better.

Anxiety causes our thoughts to start working uncontrollably in those moments, when it is much better to avoid our old thoughts to have better ideas.

Cultivating the art of doing nothing can change our lives because it means that we are open to the new, free from past conditioning, rigid structures, being able to see what we did not see before, realizing unsuspected abilities, new affections, and points of view that reveal new aspects of everything we thought we knew; of everything that seemed impossible to us from another perspective and that now, seeing it in another way, seems easy.

This inner silence is a productive parenthesis, it does not recriminate, it does not demand anything or pass bills, it does notIt forces us to flee from ourselves or seek to escape with inconsequential escapes, it does not reveal our failures, nor does it torture us with guilt, on the contrary, it is instructive and is a pleasant refuge to feel at peace with oneself.

Inner silence is he althy, it relaxes us, balances and harmonizes us and allows us to discover a way of being in the world without doing anything at all.

This is achieved when planning is renounced, the demanding mandate to do something in order to obtain results. It allows us to recover the spontaneity that we have lost thanks to full agendas; waste time, to gain enthusiasm and desire to live.

When we free ourselves from the rush and are more receptive, we are surprised and discover that the most common things also interest us and regain their true value.

One can begin to empty oneself internally, learning to do everything more slowly, without haste, without schedules, without dates, without pressure and this is not impossible.

Because even after having fulfilled all our obligations we continue to be equally hyperactive, ready to do anything except be with ourselves still, resting, doing nothing.

You can not only live more slowly but also more quietly, without disturbing noises, without the need to cling to ephemeral interests to feel that we are alive or put on headphones to listen to anything but ourselves.

Inner silence is beneficial; and we can only fear theterrifying silence that insists on being filled with thoughts that enslaves us with plans, projects, appointments, commitments, and everything we have to do that tortures us.

Some futurologists rightly think that the worst problem of the future for man is going to be avoiding leisure.

Idleness is the ghost of the pensioner, the rich man, the we althy woman, the misguided youth, the spoiled child.

Sundays are the days when there are more suicides, lonely people get bored of themselves and need occasional crutches to be able to entertain themselves and not risk becoming abstracted and discovering that the most extraordinary thing is themselves.

He who finds nothing within himself desperately looks outside for obligations to be busy, and they can never discover the wonderful inner silence of him nor how entertaining it is to do nothing.

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