The Manipulator

The Manipulator
The Manipulator

Manipulation is an art that has different forms of expression, and is used in all areas of life and work, especially those who are dedicated to sales.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming has copied the different models of perfection in the art of manipulation, to design a science dedicated to obtaining objectives, by using the best way of doing things, according to the behavior patterns that the successful people in your life and work.

the manipulator
the manipulator

Basically, manipulation is the art of convincing someone else to do what we want, without them realizing it.

The basis for convincing is to be liked or have empathy, using all known seduction techniques and taking advantage of the weaknesses that people usually have.

The manipulators study their victims and get in tune, that is, they imitate their way of acting, tuning in with them to be on the same wavelength. They have no convictions, but they are very clear about their goals.

Some manipulators are helpless to get others to help them. They never know how to do anything by themselves and they extol the qualities of the other, flattering them, so that they offer to solve their problems.

Seduction is the manipulator's most powerful weapon, because no one can deny his requirements. The seducer uses his charms to manipulate,it may be their physical attractiveness, their kindness or courtesy, or the money they possess. He exerts a great fascination on his victims, who are exposed to his influence and end up doing his bidding.

Violent people can also manipulate with their explosions of anger because they produce fear in their victims.

Just as they are also manipulators: the generous person who gives too much to receive something in return, or the one who has an air of being too cultured to be paid attention to, or the dependent who forces others to be his service, or the sick person, who uses his illness to be cared for, keep others under his control and be the center, or the one who creates discord to reign, or the pervert who spares no resources even if they are evil to achieve his own ends.

The manipulator is a specialist in transferring responsibilities to others and is later able to question the results that he does not like. He is the one who makes himself desired, the one who arrives late to be seen because he likes to despise the time of others, the one who is ambiguous because he does not commit to anything, the one who induces him to do things that he would not do and can even even blackmailing to get what he wants.

The manipulator believes he is the owner of the truth and will never admit his mistakes because they are susceptible and are not willing to give explanations.

In general, manipulators are attractive beings who take advantage of their influence over others, who easily fall under their spell. But they can do great damage; and howthey are able to use all their charisma to get what they want, many times even their own victims defend them.

It's hard to say no to a manipulator. How many times do we buy things that we don't like, because we don't say no to the seller who has showered us with attention?

But there's no denying that in this world, we're all a bit manipulative, when it suits us.

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