Swine Flu Panic

Swine Flu Panic
Swine Flu Panic

I know serious, normal, stable and reasonable people, who inexplicably are more than alarmed and very scared by the Swine Flu pandemic and who are turning their lives upside down trying to avoid contagion.

I am not a doctor, but the information from scientists about this disease does not seem to me to be alarmed to that extent. It is true that it has caused deaths, including some pregnant women, but the common flu can have complications and kill anyone, especially if they are predisposed to contracting a disease.


In these cases, you have to stay calm and not be alarmist. In Argentina we have had, among others, epidemics of yellow fever, poliomyelitis, dengue or cholera, and they were very serious, with a balance of many deaths, leaving quite a few people with consequences in the case of poliomyelitis.

We are living in a time when people want to have control over everything; and when this is not in their hands they despair.

For this reason, all the stock of gel alcohol that pharmacies had was sold out and chinstraps are increasingly difficult to obtain, even though they provide protection for no more than two hours.

In a situation like this, action should be taken with great caution, since all of us could be hurt much more if the entire city comes to a standstill.

For such a drastic measure to work, it would have to take several months, because the flu virus does not disappear overnight, and that would be impossible without risking national security, so it is best maintain a moderate attitude in all areas.

Be moderate and take the most reasonable measures possible, such as avoiding events that produce crowds and public shows that attract many people.

Schools, high schools and universities should remain closed for the winter break, this time for a longer period than usual, but businesses and work should remain normal to avoid the shortages and the losses that would be caused by a total stoppage of activities for an indefinite time.

People who serve the public should wear a mask and office employees too, to avoid contagion; and those who show any symptoms of illness should not be admitted to work to prevent them from infecting others.

The population must remain duly informed about the events that are happening with reliable data, without hiding anything, because what is not said officially is enlarged unofficially and only increases panic.

I have heard several doctors on television reporting that fortunately this flu virus is transmitted more attenuated than expected and that most fatal cases are due to aggravating circumstancesdue to the previous condition of the victims, who were more prone to complications.

From my point of view there is no need to be afraid, you just have to be careful and support the measures recommended by doctors, that is, avoid crowds, wash your hands when you get home, maintain hygiene personal and household, and wear a mask if they must be in contact with the public.

Doctors are the ones who have to be exposed to all kinds of diseases, supposedly they have greater immunity due to permanent contact with viruses and bacteria; but this assumption is not always fulfilled, however they do not stop going to their jobs in times of epidemic despite the risks they run.

Let's be adults, let's face reality with dignity, avoiding saving ourselves. Let's all collaborate together according to the instructions we receive, without sabotaging them to do what is convenient for each one individually.

Let's take this opportunity to learn to act as a civilized community that comes together to solve common problems, for the good of all.

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