Child Delinquency

Child Delinquency
Child Delinquency

The daily chronicle reveals to us today that a fourteen-year-old teenager, after a long criminal chain, set a child on fire.

he has 56 admissions to the local police station for various fairly serious crimes, but since a minor cannot be prosecuted, he is soon released and continues to commit crimes.


This precocious delinquent lives with his mother and his uncle in the Bajo Flores area, a neighborhood with a high crime rate

These children come from dysfunctional families where they are generally subjected to physical and psychological abuse, as well as abuse, until they become highly dangerous, resentful and violent people.

This case is just one of many similar ones that exist, which when they manage to group together form gangs that act with impunity, increasing their level of danger.

I wonder if these human beings have a chance to get out of that situation, if they wanted to change their lives, and I think they don't.

An experience made by four millionaires in the United States, who were convinced that the homeless were just lazy, showed them that when you have nothing, it is practically impossible in that country to get out of that situation and get a job without help, even being trained people. They became for a weekhomeless, dirty and poorly dressed and they realized that it was impossible for them not only to get out of that precarious situation but that they also had difficulties accessing the toilets in public places.

In our country, it is common for the mothers of these delinquent children to be alone or with an occasional partner who shares the roof but not the responsibility and it is not uncommon for them to abuse their children.

However, despite this family picture, a mother can do a lot for them, even if she has to work and be away for many hours.

As a first step, it is necessary to try to lower the climate of tension in the home, because no child is willing to listen or learn something in an environment full of hostility, where there are fights, shouts and violence.

It is true that it is not easy to remain calm when the needs exceed the capacity of tolerance, but if you want to help your children, it is necessary for everyone in the home to regain calm and balance and to end the blows and abuse.

Only afterwards will it be possible to start a dialogue and listen to each other to find out the needs of each one, to try to eliminate or change the situations that disturb them and set the rules, because the boys who do not have to follow rules in the home does not respect the laws either.

Ask for help from schools or he alth institutions in the area can be a valuable option that will ease the burden and provide the opportunity for positive identifications, individual containmentand familiar.

Because things are not always fixed with money or material things, because social illness is more a problem of coexistence, communication and relationships, which is aggravated by conditions of poverty.

The parents of these children are also often immature people who carry similar family conditions, childhood traumas and deep deficiencies; and pregnancies can be unwanted and sometimes the result of violence, rape or drunkenness.

It is necessary to improve the living conditions of these people at risk and train them for work, so that they can have the opportunity to provide an education to their children and live with dignity.

A child does not need much to survive he althy and happy if he has a mother who nurses him and cares for him with love since his birth and a father capable of fulfilling the role of protection and maintenance of him.

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