The Meditation Against Drug Addiction

The Meditation Against Drug Addiction
The Meditation Against Drug Addiction

The work of Father Gabriel Mejía, a Colombian priest, has achieved the recovery of thousands of drug addicts, over 25 years, in the Claret Homes that he founded in 1984.

Ten years ago, transcendental meditation was incorporated into this therapeutic community, achieving that 76.9% of those recovered do not use drugs again.


This valuable resource was spread by Maharishi, an Indian teacher who achieved notoriety for having been the spiritual guide of many famous people, including the Beatles.

Father Mujica met Deepak Chopra, who was his inspiration and encouraged him to learn this spiritual technique, which forced him to overcome all his prejudices, mainly because of his Catholic formation.

he was able to experience for himself the benefits of this method and despite the obstacles he had, even with his congregation, he was able to implement it in adult recovery

Mujica was ordained a priest in the Congregation of the Claretian Missionaries and had a long and fruitful career, having been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and receiving important awards for his work.

In Colombia, a troubled country plagued by drug use, prostitution and guerrilla warfare; With his foundation, he has succeeded in freeing 45,000 children from the scourge of drugs, violence andof abuse.

This priest is convinced that children are not a problem but that they are people endowed with infinite potential and that they should have the opportunity to educate themselves for life with love, because he believes that love is the best remedy for disease and to eradicate violence.

Transcendental meditation allows the development of consciousness and the discovery of the potential that each one has and achieves inner peace without the need to resort to medication.

Mejía states that individuals in modern societies, with their fast-paced lifestyle and stress, have developed addictive personalities at all levels.

Not only are there addicts to drugs but also to alcohol, sex, consumption, gambling or food, in a society that is sick and where values have been lost or are contradictory, discriminating against the addict for one side and the other creating them.

Father Mejía has already founded 54 therapeutic centers in Colombia where 3,500 children are currently in recovery.

His foundation was started with the important help of the neighbors who contributed more enthusiasm than money, to get the abandoned boys off the street who took drugs every night and slept on the threshold of the building where he lived.

This priest knew that he was undertaking a good deed that could solve the problems of many children; and that like any work of good faith, he trusted that he would count on God's help

Deepak Chopra says, that abundance isour natural state and that everything we want is in the field of possibilities; and that when we align with the forces of the cosmos and do what we need to do, the Universe takes care of the details. That is the moment when miracles begin to happen.

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