My ally, my enemy. Loneliness

My ally, my enemy. Loneliness
My ally, my enemy. Loneliness

It is defined as absence of company. So feared by some and longed for by others. It is perceived as positive or negative depending on whether we consider it voluntary or involuntary.

The feeling of loneliness is subjective in nature and can appear for various reasons, being relatively independent of the situation of social isolation or objective loneliness.


Remember that time you felt so alone despite being accompanied. The lack of communication or poor communication in quantity or quality lead to loneliness-incommunication.

When our restlessness is motivated by missing someone, the loneliness-absence appears. It is characteristic of the newly in love that they experience the company of others as superficial, empty of content. The absence due to the death of a loved one causes an emotional emptiness and a great affliction due to the impossibility of enjoying their company again. If we can't count on anyone, we are affectively alone.

However, in the event that you do not feel loved by the loved one, or, taken to the extreme, by anyone, then you will be facing loneliness-heartbreak. We need others to get help if we feel threatened or in danger. Otherwise, we will suffer loneliness-helplessness.

There are people who cannot lead a normal life due to the objective inability to fend for themselvesthemselves or by the habit of depending on other individuals. We add the cases of insecure personality that requires the approval or constant advice of another, and the soledad-dependencia is completed.

Then there are the people who don't know what to do with themselves, they have nothing to say to each other. So, loneliness is experienced as a source of inner discomfort. The loneliness-inner emptiness appears. These people take refuge in some frenetic activity or in personal relationships that avoid negative thoughts.

After a period of intense social activity, it is sometimes appreciated to take a break from others and the implications of dealing with other people. A wear and tear takes place that transports us to desire, to yearn for solitude, to flee from the bustle of social life. It is known as the loneliness-retirement.

Many are those who have chosen to move away from their routines seeking tranquility and silence dedicating themselves to a contemplative, calm life. Redirecting one's life by reflecting on oneself by distancing oneself from others on a psychic and physical level takes us to loneliness-intimacy. Taking stock of oneself is one of the most enriching experiences that we are fortunate to experience as human beings. Do not miss the opportunity to practice it.

Frequently, some types of loneliness inevitably overlap in extreme life situations. This little guide can be useful to identify them and assume them naturally, as one more process.

However,loneliness in general terms is psychologically dangerous. If after some time you feel that loneliness is disrupting your life in any way, do not stop asking for help from whoever you think can best protect you, whether it is someone you know or, on the contrary, turn to a total stranger. Specifically, a professional who provides you with the tools to get out of that circle of exile.

Remember the decisions you made under the oppression of feeling alone. Surely they were not the most successful and you had to carry some unfortunate consequence. For this reason, empathize and do not hesitate to lend your help to people you sense alone. I'm sure they'll accept your support without hesitation.

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