Something about Vigorexia

Something about Vigorexia
Something about Vigorexia

Today we are going to talk about a psychological problem that affects the perception of our body and that is neither anorexia nor bulimia. It is a disease of these times called vigorexia.

Vigorexia is the obsession with having a muscular body. They are people who devote their whole lives to achieving the goal of having the desired body. The problem is not in going to the Gym and taking care of yourself, that's fine, the problem is when all this affects our daily life in society, in our work, family, friends and even generating physical problems which is a paradox when it comes to playing sports and taking care of our body.


The vigorouséxico sees a distorted image of oneself, something that coincides with the problem of anorexics. The anorexic never looks skinny enough while the vigorexic sufferer never looks muscled enough or defined enough.

Despite the fact that it is entering more and more women, it is men between 18 and 35 who are mainly affected by this problem. On the side of anorexia, it is women who are mainly affected. This difference in the sexes would give us to be able to make some reflections about it.

It's funny how when standing in front of a mirror the distortion of reality is so evident. Truly a vigoréxico never looks as muscular as he would likeand this makes many of them reach really terrible muscle hypertrophies and they do it using substances that are very harmful to he alth such as hormones and steroids.

They become completely strict when it comes to dieting in such a way that they take all kinds of proteins to fatten their muscles and avoid any form of fat at all costs.

It is a problem that can not be seen coming and that begins with someone who wants to enter to do some sport to be able to feel better physically. In this way, little by little, the obsession with having more and more muscles begins. The vigorexia begins because the person goes more and more hours to the gym in such a way that this routine becomes the center of gravity of all the activities of daily life.

Another characteristic of vigorexia is how it influences the diet in such a way that they begin to buy supplements, change the way they eat and even, and much more dangerous, begin to take substances such as steroids and hormones to get the physical form that they want that, as we have already said, can be very harmful in the medium and long term.

It can be verified that an obsessive picture begins in such a way that they look in the mirrors throughout the day and do exercise tables anywhere and at any time.

The origin of this problem, like all those related to the state of our body, comes mostly from social pressure, a pressure that in most cases is more perceived than real.

Lasocial pressure and low self-esteem are springs to be able to find ourselves with this problem. You have to work on the basis of what has caused this problem in a personalized way through psychological treatment.

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