We get older

We get older
We get older

We started our studies at the age of three. Some 22 years of arduous training await us on the road to professional development. Hopefully, we will work another 35 or 40 years. And then? Is it all over? What am I going to do now? It is common to reach maturity, achieve retirement and fall into depression. We cannot allow that all our effort throughout life has been in vain, or at least, that it be considered that way by others and by ourselves.


What ideas do you associate with “retirement” or “old age”? Perhaps they suggest the beginning of the end of life, or the establishment of disability. They are usually concepts judged as decadent, outdated, old, or "floats", as a young person would say. It is our mission today to change those negative prejudices for opinions associated with seniority, maturity, wisdom, temperance or mastery.

Retired people acquire their own identity, they are another social group. Normally, they are associated with groups at a bar counter, games of dominoes, or observers of the works that are carried out in the neighborhood. We invite you not to stay on the surface, let's delve into this issue.

The profile of retirees and people of mature age has fortunately evolved. Thanks to our better he alth, once we reach retirement, we are lucky to enjoy an average of 18 years of life. If they are lived with autonomy and without greateconomic and he alth problems, they are perfect to take advantage of opportunities and enjoy the long-awaited freedom, since we no longer carry the weight of family and/or work responsibilities. It is the ideal phase of life to carry out those projects that we have always wanted to undertake.

In order to prevent negative feelings such as anxiety or depression when we finish our productive working life, we have summarized a few guidelines that you can start now, no matter how old you are.

  • Try to save up. Do not melt all the metal that falls into your hands. Hire a pension plan or save a few euros every month. With retirement, income decreases. It is true that the expenses too, since you will have finished paying the mortgage on your house, your children will already be independent and your primary needs will be covered. However, it is always advisable to have an extra if you have interests such as traveling, spending time away from home or playing golf.
  • Take care. Protect your mental and physical he alth from youth. Feeling fit when reaching maturity ensures a positive perception of one's abilities to perform actions aimed at satisfying preferences and interests.
  • Social relations. A vast social network with which to plan and share leisure time guarantees an optimistic feeling in the face of old age. Love and family support are very important, but it is no lessfriendship and empathy that is created between people in the same life situation.
  • Concrete hobbies. Reflect on that moment. Define your goals and hobbies for that stage, so that when it arrives, you are not caught with an empty wish bag. Being busy, in what motivates one the most, leaves no room for sadness and restlessness.

The key to success is to promote flexibility and adaptability as beneficial attitudes, which escort us to ensure proper management of the free time that we will have. The ultimate purpose is to give quality to that free time.

Society often forgets that they were also children and young people and that, thanks to their life experiences, they are carriers of very valuable knowledge that can be applied in education, in the workplace and even in state affairs. Let's take care of our elders as we want them to take care of us when we reach old age. Because, face it, no one will escape from arriving, considering it the best case scenario, to have arrived. Your presence in the world of the living will mean that you haven't gone to the next level yet.

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