Some points that should be taught in schools

Some points that should be taught in schools
Some points that should be taught in schools

It is curious from the point of view of psychology that in schools, in addition to the subjects that are taught, there are no classes on some psychological skills that are going to be of great useful in students' lives later.

In short, we can say that at school they teach us a lot of data but they don't give us the keys to live, the tools to face life's challenges.


Unfortunately, the school becomes a place that limits our minds instead of giving us wings to be able to have a flexible way of thinking and prepared to solve all the problems that may arise.

School has to be a place that helps us to have a more open mind and not a more closed one, which is what happens thanks to the implemented educational systems.

For this we are going to give you some points that should be taught in schools as an important part and at the same time as the classic subjects.

We start with the negotiation. Children at school live only one kind of relationship, the one who rules, the teacher and the one who obeys, the students and also a relationship in terms of winning or losing. This means that as adults they do not know what it is to negotiate between adults in order to reach a middle ground. It is about learning to see what you have in common instead of seeing thedifferences.

Another thing that should be taught in schools is to find the true vocation of each one. Some common sense but not really being done. In this way we would avoid thousands of people who work in what they do not want and they would be much more motivated in their working life in the future as well as happier.

Learning to make mistakes and to make mistakes is something that they don't teach in schools either and that would be something that would help us to have children and future adults without frustration problems.

Another important point to teach in schools would be to manage emotions. A very important point so that in the future our emotions do not overflow in the face of so many situations that schools are not taught to deal with. It is about the child first knowing how to identify her emotions in order to later learn to manage them and not be a slave to them.

It would be very important to help children know how to deal with difficulties in such a way that they become adaptable to any problem and tenacious when it comes to of the search for solutions. Life is going to present you with many challenges and it is necessary to have these kinds of skills in addition to so much data in your head.

Motivation is very important in our lives but even more important would be learning to motivate yourself as another of the tools that can be taught in schools. Self-motivation is what we are talking.

We are people who have a hard time being able to find a point of balance. This is why it is important to learn to be balanced people in the face of the different circumstances of life.

Other important points to be included in school learning are learning to be grateful or learning to value time.

There is much to be done in educational systems so that we can train individuals psychologically prepared to face their future lives with all the challenges that they bring.

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