How to get rid of nail biting

How to get rid of nail biting
How to get rid of nail biting

Onychophagia is the name given to the habit of biting nails, a habit that is more common than it seems. Almost 50% of children have it as well as 10% of adults.

It is in childhood where some preventive acts can be carried out in order to end this problem as soon as possible.

The reality with these data is that in most cases with just a little self-control it is possible to break this ugly habit without the need for any other help.


However there are other times when the problem of onychophagia is not so easy to eliminate from our lives. Some techniques are needed like the ones we are going to teach you in this article, simple but very practical methods that serve to achieve our goal.

Keep in mind that the habit of biting nails is due to other hidden problems as has been shown in some studies. It is not only an aesthetic problem when it comes to solving it, since fingers without nails are not very pleasant to see, but rather a manifestation of other types of problems.

For example, most children with onychophagia have trouble developing social skills. As adults, this problem affects their ownself-esteemsince the person perceives that they are not able to control their impulses. And it is like that in the most serious cases, an uncontrollable impulse that requiresspecific help to be able to eliminate it.

It is a habit acquired either by imitation or as an escape valve to some stressful situation looking for something to calm down.

The problem can become so serious as to terribly affect the lives of those who suffer from it, but if you have not reached that extreme, you can apply these simple steps.

First of all it is very important to get to feel the desire to kick the habit and make a firm commitment with yourself to do it.

Secondly it's not about repressing the desire to want to bite your nails, it's about eliminating that desire so don't hold back when you feel like wanting to bite your nails because that simply doesn't work.

Thirdly, we suggest you create a new habit, he althier of course, to replace the habit of biting your nails. For example, if you identify that at certain times of the day and under certain circumstances the habit of biting your nails is repeated, eat an apple to give an example.

Fourth has been shown as a very effective system in a high percentage of people with this habit of visual cues. Many of these people do not realize that they have put their hand to their mouth and are biting their nails, so with a simple visual signal that reminds them, it is enough for them to get rid of this bad habit in a short time. A painted nail, a bracelet, etc. they can serve by themselves to end this problem.

Fifth reverse psychology gives us an idea, ittry to give free rein to being able to bite our nails but do it in an orderly way, in such a way that it seems strange and unpleasant to us.

In sixth place we have the relaxation techniques that we must apply especially in the contexts that we have previously identified as the triggers of the habit.

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