The most harmful negative thoughts

The most harmful negative thoughts
The most harmful negative thoughts

The mind is something necessary for our daily lives since the intellect helps us in everyday tasks, in solving problems, etc. the complication in our westernized world is that our thoughts do not stop, even thought patterns are created, almost immovable ways of thinking that can be very beneficial or very harmful.


When we are thinking we are projecting and quite far from reality, so at that moment, depending on the quality of our thoughts, we can be creating a pleasant day or facing a real hell for ourselves and for others.

Thinking is not bad, it is something necessary in our daily lives but the reality is that if we observe our mind we can see patterns of negative thoughts from which we should stay away and that they are also repeated in different people in the same way.

Specifically there are some of these thoughts that are particularly harmful and that we must change if we detect them.

We start with the undervaluing thoughts which are thoughts that don't let us move forward because they make us feel that we really don't serve, we can't or simply stagnate us and don't let us move forward.

Self-esteem and confidence in our possibilities are completely undermined by undervaluing thoughts. unfounded thoughtsbut that by themselves prevent us from successfully carrying out our purposes.

The other very common type of negative thinking is worrying about some problem that hasn't happened yet but could happen. If we think coldly it is something completely absurd that also not only does not provide us with a solution but also generates anxiety and stress, states with which it is more difficult to face real problems.

The next completely damaging negative thought is the one that has to do with comparisons. Living comparing ourselves with others spends a lot of energy on us and does not make us see and realize that each person is unique. Undervaluing thoughts also come in here.

There are thoughts that are harmful to the people who have them and to those around them, such as continuous laments and complaints. These people are almost incapable of enjoying life and see everything in gray through the sieve of their negative and catastrophic thoughts.

Thoughts of guilt for some act committed are disastrous for people's lives. It is better to have thoughts of responsibility in such a way that we assume the result of our actions and intend to fight to do everything possible to change the effects of what we have been able to do, but we have to include everything that is feeling guilty within the group of thoughts negatives we're talking about.

Another type of negative thoughts are those that keep us tied to the past. The typicalcharacter who thinks that any past time was better only puts obstacles to be able to meet the best moments that are to come.

Finally among the most dangerous negative thoughts we find those that have to do with criticizing others. And we mean completely destructive criticism.

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