When and why to go to the Psychologist

When and why to go to the Psychologist
When and why to go to the Psychologist

From here, as psychologists we want to help you and give you the keys to have a happier life by helping you understand some aspects of the human mind that the science of psychology has studied.

But we do not want nor can we replace a professional who can help you face to face and in a personalized way. That is why in this article we are going to give you the keys so that you know when and why it is necessary to go to a psychologist.


We have the idea that psychologists are here to treat exclusively severe cases of what we call insanity, but while this is one aspect of psychology, there are many other reasons or reasons to see a psychology professional.

As a general rule we can say that people who suffer go to a psychologist. Just like when we have physical pain or illness that we don't know how to treat at home we go to the doctor, when we have emotional or psychological suffering that we don't know how to overcome and that is also having a very negative influence on our daily lives we have psychology professionals to help us.

We take advantage of this point to advise you that you can look for a good psychologist who you have very good references to avoid bad experiences that definitively distance you from the possibility of being helped by one of these professionals.

The help of a therapist and his psychotherapy techniques help us first of all to understand the mechanisms of what is doing us suffer and give us the keys to be able to solve them in the short term and to help us prevent future problems.

They give us personalized tools to be able to face emotional and psychological problems and to be able to have a happier life with ourselves and with others.

In the first place, going to a psychologist helps us to have a space for reflection in which a professional will not only listen to us but will guide us with his guidance through new paths that will help us better understand what is happening to us.

We must also understand that when we share our problems with friends or people who are not professionals, it can create moments of tension, nervousness and anxiety that not only will not help but will make the situation worse. Quite the opposite happens with psychology professionals who will listen to you with serenity, understanding and the spirit of helping, as well as having the tools to be able to do so.

One of the possibilities that the psychologist also offers us is information. This is important and reassuring since in many cases not knowing what is happening to us generates more anxiety and exacerbates the problem.

The psychologist also gives us tools for our own development in such a way that we get out of a stagnation that by itself may be causing us theanxiety.

In short, the reasons for going to the psychologist can be many and it does not have to be necessary and only for serious problems such as schizophrenia, depression, etc.

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