How to overcome post-holiday depression

How to overcome post-holiday depression
How to overcome post-holiday depression

We are going to give you the keys so you know how to overcome the so-called post-holiday depression. We are talking about that feeling of sadness that overwhelms us at the end of a vacation period and beginning the routine of the whole year.

Holidays are a time of the year when we get out of the routine, we travel, we do the activities we like, we are with the people we want to be with and suddenly, from one day to the next, we return to the work table and to the usual routine.


Seen this way we understand the reason for the post-vacation depression but now we are going to give you the keys to cushion it and overcome it successfully.

It has been shown that there is a high percentage of workers who, when returning to their jobs after a vacation, do not concentrate properly and are not able to perform 100 percent until a few days have passed.

This brings us to the first thought. We should not have very high expectations during these first days about our performance and consider it as something normal and very common. Don't take it too seriously at first, create your own transition space.

Among the symptoms of post-vacation depression we have some such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.

Another piece of advice that will serve to cushion this post-holiday depression is that you don't come back fromvacations the day before going to work, try to get to your usual environment a few days before so that the change is not so abrupt.

Within this advice you can, for example, visit your workplace in those previous days, talk to your colleagues, your boss and even begin to start some work for a few minutes.

You can start planning your next vacation, even if it is, a few days since there are always holidays and long weekends in the work calendar. In any case, the method of splitting vacation days is becoming more and more used, not spending all the days off at once.

If it is possible in your work, we recommend that you take, for example, 15 days of vacation and leave the other 15 for later.

This will help you to enjoy an extended vacation time but not as long as the whole month which will help you disconnect less from the previous work period so that you can resume it and also have in mind a future vacation period to spend.

You can also see the possibility of introducing some elements of distraction in your day-to-day routine by doing activities that you did during your vacations, such as sports. Weekends will always be like mini vacations that will help you overcome post-holiday depression.

Help yourself with all the entertainment you can to make post-holiday depression more bearable. You start to work but the day has many hours to enjoy.

In any case, you must take into account that in two weeks of being back at work, these symptoms of the post-holiday period will pass.

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