Helps improve your child's self-esteem

Helps improve your child's self-esteem
Helps improve your child's self-esteem

The education of the first years in the life of our children is very important. The rest of their lives will be influenced by what they learned as children and what has shaped their personality.

Therefore we can realize the importance of the parents' education and the rest of the educational influences that the child receives in the quality of life that they will have later.


A very important point to have a really he althy emotional and psychological development is self-esteem. Children with good self-esteem, who love themselves more, are children with greater self-confidence, with fewer fears and more adaptable to the circumstances of life.

It is clear that parents cannot be present to help their children at all times, but they can give them the tools to fend for themselves.

We give you the keys so you can give your children the chance to grow up loving themselves, strengthening their self-esteem.

Self-esteem depends on the image that the child creates of himself and this image is notably influenced for better or worse by early experiences with his parents, teachers, among others.

We are going to give you some simple keys to help the child increase hisself-esteem.

First of all we must understand that adults, especially parents, are a model for them in such a way that what you say to your children does not matter but your own behavior.

This is why it is very important that you take care of your own self-esteem as parents. Show self-confidence that you can, no defeatism and great positivity. All this is what they will learn from you by imitating models.

Establishing clear and meaningful limits and rules is essential to build confidence in children, this makes them show a true predisposition to have good self-esteem.

Obviously you have to correct the wrong behaviors of children but the way to do it is important in such a way that the objective is that as a person who is learning it is normal for him to make mistakes and another person who has already been through that he is helping. This is one of the most important missions of parents. What should not be done is to correct using phrases like "you are useless" or others of this type that make the child really think that it is true and assume it as something real.

Here we begin to understand how limits are being placed on the child, causing her self-esteem to drop worryingly.

Helps the child understand that the journey towards the goal and the effort invested in achieving it is more important than the goal itself. Reward your child with praise for effort equal to or more than for result.

It is very important that the child perceives that he is loved despite her mistakes orbehaviors to be corrected without removing that has to be corrected or reprimanded if necessary.

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