How to make the most of work meetings

How to make the most of work meetings
How to make the most of work meetings

When we talk about studies or work meetings are essential in many cases to carry out certain activities. But these can be a complete failure or a help to success depending on how they are programmed and how they are carried out.

Within the Industrial or work psychology we find the indications and advice necessary to hold meetings with all the success.


It is important to be able to solve, in collaboration with other people, the problems and challenges that arise and for this, meetings are fundamental and must be given the importance it deserves to be on the path to success.

In this case, a meeting is a group of people who join forces to achieve a common goal.

Everyone who is at the meeting is interested in reaching an agreement so that the objective can be met and for this certain fundamental requirements must be met.

To begin we must know how homogeneous or heterogeneous is the group that makes it up in such a way that we must know the age, hierarchy, specialization, sex and other variables that will give us the keys to undertake the group work in this meeting.

It has been studied that a homogeneous group reaches the solution earlier but a heterogeneous group can reach further and with bettersolutions and more creative if they agree, of course, and for this there are the tips that we present to you today.

Leadership is important and for this we can choose a leader within the group that changes weekly.

This leader establishes the schedule of the meetings, the objectives to be fulfilled as well as making sure that they are fulfilled and, finally, he will be the one who directs them.

One of the problems of these work or study meetings is that they become eternal and that is why we have to do them with the clock and be strict. Having an agenda is important to be able to hold efficient meetings. Establishing mandatory time limits speeds up the meeting and motivates attendees.

As an example we can say that in the meeting there should be 5 minutes of exposition by each member and later from 20 minutes to an hour of debate controlled by the leader as well as a final conclusion made by him/her.

Regarding the election of a leader who is changing, it is an issue that must be decided by the members of the meeting group since this can be counterproductive in some cases and an effective measure in others.

Before the meeting there must be clear objectives, a scheduled agenda and during the meeting one must be strict with the schedules and the order of the topics to be discussed. Everything that is disorder and lack of planning and leadership will have an impact on the meeting not being able to come to a successful conclusion, in turn having an impact on the companycannot advance or reach the objectives set.

Conclusions must come out of the meetings that must be agreed and clear for all the members of the meeting.

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