Practice Networking

Practice Networking
Practice Networking

In these times of job insecurity, it seems necessary to sharpen your ingenuity in order to expand the search range. Moving the curriculum vitae betting on the self-candidacy in companies in the sector and responding to job advertisements both on online portals and in state agencies or temporary work companies, are systems that continue to bear fruit. However, in certain sectors, it is difficult to find work through normal channels.


A lot of jobs don't go to the formal market. They are covered by facilitating contacts whose profiles fit the requirements. In every company, there is someone who knows someone who knows someone who is perfect for this or that position.

It is this philosophy that underpins what we know as networking. Everyone has a network of contacts made up of friends, acquaintances, relatives, or study and work colleagues among whom information flows. Of course, this information also includes the workplace.

Don't think it's just a matter of having relationships. The quality of those relationships and the care you show them will account for some of your strengths as well as weaknesses. We can consider that the time and effort spent in managing this network are factors that make it possible to get a job at some point in life.

Therefore, we invite you


sa meditate on the characteristics that should guide effective networking:

  • Make them remember you. Take the initiative by causing encounters and creating new contacts whenever you can.
  • You won't be dealing with machines so empathize with the person in front of you as you would want them to with you.
  • Have fun with people. Talk, communicate, participate in group activities and share the material as well as the intangible.
  • Be interested in gathering useful information about everything around you.
  • Help others to the best of your ability and always give them your point of view in a constructive way.
  • A person who maintains long-term relationships usually shows that she is trustworthy and that she is committed

You may have noticed that the set of ideas is not very different from the skills, behaviors and values that we look for in others when choosing or prioritizing relationships, or adapting appropriately to the standard social environment.

In effect, any link established exclusively for interest is doomed to fail. Soon your intentions will be discovered and the other person will be disappointed, and he will never feel true affection towards you. Therefore, it would never occur to him to recommend you for a job for which you fit the profile. You wouldn't be worthy of him.

In summary, do not look for artificial relationships that are not based on affection, respect, funand communication. Someday it could turn against you, and at the end of life, you might end up alone and bitter.

But if you enjoy a network of contacts that is above social, economic, and labor conditions, make use of its advantages. Your opportunity may be just around the corner. You never know what life is going to bring you, so always take risks, you already have the “no”.

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