Mysterious Creatures: Teenagers

Mysterious Creatures: Teenagers
Mysterious Creatures: Teenagers

We reach adult life and how soon we forget our adolescent stage. Now we look at them as if they were a rare species that swarms the streets. To some they provoke, at best, indifference.

Well, these young people are ours, the future adults who will join companies, who will form families, and even more, who will manage the world.


They deserve to be cared for and receive the appropriate guidance for optimal and positive development, don't you think? Truly, in a time of overflowing fun that is fondly remembered over the years. Also, if you have children at this age or who are reaching the limit, you will be interested in having useful information about their world.

The vital moment of the adolescent is full of uncertainties, fears and insecurities. He finds himself in a flurry of physical, hormonal, growth, adaptation, and sexual imbalances. They rebel against the indications of adults, any opinion related to their person affects them and the ability to make decisions is developing as they acquire resources to face them. Their opinions change as they experience new sensations.

The adolescent is learning to be himself exploring new directions.

All the anguish arising from this whirlwind of perceptionsthey leave a mark on which to grow as a person. However, the path is confusing to say the least. We will be those close to us who will worry about illuminating, even with a flashlight, the dark moments.

It is appropriate, then, that she should have an intimate plot that is respected at home without interference. Periods of frenetic social activity will alternate with cycles in which they will experience the benefits of self-reclusion.

The role of parents is aimed at supervising, monitoring, advising and intervening when the situation or the adolescent requires it.

Talk to your son, listen to him, understand his emotions and his thoughts even if most of the time you don't share them. Pay attention to his gestures, his movements, and his actions. They will tell you when something is not working as it should. Do not admonish or reprimand him for everything you deem appropriate because you will run the risk of moving away from him. Focus on what you value as truly negative or harmful to him or unacceptable in any way.

Don't neglect the guidance about hygiene, eating and he alth habits related to this period. You may assume that the teenager in front of you is aware of the physical changes he is undergoing. It is possible that some concepts are not clear to him, so tell him naturally how biology works.

Also, it opens different communication channels so that he can express himself with you through them. Sometimes they prefer to talk aboutcertain subjects face to face, but others feel more comfortable using email or mobile, for example.

Attitudes that highlight a certain differentiation from others are frequent, which aims to externalize his personality perceived by him as unique and special.

At the same time that they turn to other people (teachers, friends, siblings) to solve some other problem, they need, probably unconsciously, to feel the love and support of their family, that they feel proud of their achievements and make them available at crucial moments for them.

Consequently, adults who share life with adolescents should not think that adolescents exclude them from their lives because they prefer to spend more time with other people. It is normal and natural, they expand their social circle and are in constant search of their "I". And to find it, I'm afraid there is no better way than experience. Now, not all experiences are admissible. You must be firm and seek advice from professionals in situations of high risk of drug use, violent behavior, sexual disorders, school failure, etc.

Not being a teenager has everything allowed or forgiven. The acquisition of maturity entails assuming responsibilities, fulfilling duties and respecting the rights of others, among other matters.

To conclude, we call for the implementation of a domestic operation based on the sense of humor avoiding ridicule or ridicule. Remember that one day, you were one of them.

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