How to help your child go back to school

How to help your child go back to school
How to help your child go back to school

Now we are in full holiday season and everything is happiness for the little ones. They can share full time with their parents, which is very important for them, they can play and rest as much as they want and also do activities that they cannot do during the rest of the year, such as going to the beach, the mountains or getting up out of bed whenever they want.


But suddenly, one day the child stops doing all these activities and goes back to class, with new classmates, new teachers, in short, a return to routine but with unknown elements that make it a whole emotionally and psychologically challenging.

Another factor that aggravates this back to school is that the children's vacations are very long. We are practically talking about a disconnection from everything that has to do with school for about three months.

We are going to give some tips for parents to help make going back to school as traumatic as possible for their children.

The father should highlight to the child all the positive aspects of going back to class, such as meeting with his friends, recess time, sports or extracurricular activities that he likes and will do again, being able to tell others about your experience during the summer, etc.

Teachers also play a fundamental role so thatthe transition is as less traumatic as possible in such a way that they should avoid entering fully into the subject from the first day and be more playful in the first days of class.

On the other hand, during the holidays, parents should, among the rest of the activities of the holidays, put some discipline on their children, a few hours to review school subjects and even have a private teacher who each day, for example, give him an hour of the subject that costs him the most or even a small advance of what he is going to study next year.

The child must keep learning even in minimal doses so that the return is less traumatic and he has not lost his learning tools after so long without using them.

September continues to be a hot month so typical summer activities can still be carried out during that season on the child's days off. If you live near the beach you can continue visiting it, otherwise a municipal swimming pool for example.

When the date of going back to school approaches, some guidelines can be carried out, such as taking the child to school in the days before to recognize the place again, see some teachers with parents, etc.

Visiting classmates before meeting in the classrooms is another strategy to cushion the trauma of returning to class.

Parents must sacrifice their rest every day to be able to take the children to the park, for a walk, to play withthem after they come back from class. This creates a transition between vacation and back to school.

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