Welcome, menopause

Welcome, menopause
Welcome, menopause

You are an adult woman, who has spent her life menstruating monthly, in some cases, you have gone through one or several pregnancies with their respective births or cesarean sections and, even so, you have to put up with being said, derogatorily, that you are “menopausal” when you get angry or protest just like you have every time something has bothered you for the last 45 years.


Today, we want to claim menopause as a positive stage and full of possibilities since women are immersed in a period in which important concerns and past torments have been overtaken.

For those who don't know, menopause implies the permanent cessation of menstruation that leads to the loss of reproductive capacity. It also involves physical, hormonal and metabolic readjustments. This transition occurs gradually over several years, so the symptoms appear little by little.

Starting from the principle of normality and accepting that there is a certain interpersonal variability, wepropose certain recommendations on a psychological level, the practice of which will help smooth the impact of this natural phenomenon on women and substantially improve their quality of life.

Regarding the perception and expectations of women in this regard, it is decisive to assign it a positive and vital meaning. tryseek information on the subject when you are approaching the age limit or before the first symptoms. We recommend sharing your doubts with a support group made up of women who have already passed this phase.

Free yourself. Although it is a process of reproductive and aesthetic aging, assume it and accept it as an excuse to get rid of the oppression of stereotypes assigned to women: eternal youth, sacrificed motherhood, or exclusive fresh beauty. Take the opportunity to be yourself if you haven't had time to be yourself yet.

Keep under control the factors that may cause you discomfort or concern. Stress does not favor an attitude adapted to the new situation. Of course, it is not an easy task but nobody will take care of you better than you. The goal is worth the effort.

Feel satisfied with life. You have reached maturity without ceasing to deal with the trials of life and you should feel proud of having reached this point. You still have a lot of internal and external strength as well, however you must continue exercising so as not to fall into passivity.

Therefore, try to lead a he althy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and consuming products that minimize side effects of menopause such as soy lecithin. Try doing breathing and relaxation exercises like Tai Chi, Yoga, or Pilates. In short, keep taking care of yourself.

I'm sure you'll have more free time than ever. Take advantage of it, enjoy it. recover hobbiescornered or develops new interests. Do not allow yourself to feel empty or useless because that would be far from reality.

The near environment must support, release tensions from the menopausal woman, encourage her, assist her and support her. It is neither more nor less than giving back what she has been doing with all the members of her family throughout her life. Be thankful.

Friend, a new and long time begins to experience, learn, enjoy, dream. Get excited about this new stage as when you were going to go on a trip as a child. You still have that spirit, don't forget it.

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