It's not that easy

It's not that easy
It's not that easy

We have all met and continue to meet those people we call negative, those who find a snag or problem for each solutionthat is proposed in a situation in which we must seek a joint solution.

We can say that they are pessimistic people who are never able to see the positive even if they have it in front of them, even if the solution is in front of them either because it is easy to see, or because they prefer to live in acontinuous state of negativity.


This gets to the point where even positive people are annoying to them. It is as if their life is based on that negativity in which they rejoice to the point that everything would f alter if it were missing.

Behind their words with which they say that it's not that simple to look for a solution to the problem posed even when solutions are being given, there is a personality who does not want to change this situation, someone who prefers that the problem persist who knows if as justification for many other situations.

This helps us to explain that the limits to what happens around us are set by our mind. It is our mind that puts up and removes barriers to the problems of life in such a way that these negative people could well find solutions and put them into practice and change their lives. It is just onemental attitude towards life.

Sometimes something is not so easy not because it really isn't, but because of the mental impediments that we put in place and on the other hand there are people who, faced with really difficult challenges, transform it into something apparently simple, also because of their mental attitude before these situations.

The problem is when we set our own limits or they put them on us throughout our lives and we believe them in such a way that they end up being part of ourselves, our way of being, our personality. The problem is believing it and not doing anything to undertake a change that leads us to think in a more positive way, which is our choice, something that even if we don't know it or it seems impossible, it is our choice.

In short, life is really very simple, it is our mind or our way of being that can really complicate everything.

But what springs are there behind people who set their own problems.

One of the main springs is fear, which is also one of the main springs in the face of many emotional and psychological problems.

Fear of changing situations in such a way that they prefer to leave things as they are looking for that security that people with fear seek.

The defeatist attitudes of not taking the first step to find a solution thinking that there is not one and self-centered in which we rejoice in our problems are other of the secret springs behind this attitude.

But we can also changethis attitude, first with a true attitude of change, stop thinking in terms of loss and think in terms of gain, that is, stop thinking negatively to think positively.

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