The importance of self-knowledge

The importance of self-knowledge
The importance of self-knowledge

Why is it important to know our own deep aspects?

Self-knowledge is an extremely necessary tool without which we lose access to essential parts of our psyche, and consequently, of who we are

It is not possible to know each other completely. That is why the motto "know thyself" can be led to something superfluous and illusory.


True self-knowledge involves confronting unconscious aspects that are often not pleasant. It implies a commitment to investigate and raise awareness of aspects of personal and collective history. “The dark night of the soul” that many authors speak of represents that path of connection with hidden or shadowy aspects. It is a real feat, from which you come out transformed, if you go through it properly.

The journey through a therapeutic treatment, if you work with the unconscious, usually gives rise to that process. Entering the unknown is the only way to generate change

If we ignore issues of our personal life and the history of humanity, we leave in the shadows a knowledge that can help us in the process of individuation, to build a more authentic path, being able to more easily discern what unites us and what separates us from the others.

Carl Jung said: «People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing theirown soul."

This phrase shows a avoidant tendency to face the most difficult aspects of oneself, and to confront who one really is. To avoid it, all the energy is placed outside, at work, in achievements, in material goods. Or it connects with "softened" aspects, that "knowing oneself" that never goes deep enough.

Self-knowledge initially involves pain. The anguish generated by the encounter or re-encounter with aspects that are difficult to assimilate has to be de alt with. Taking responsibility for who we are is hard work. But you can only achieve a transformation if you go through it. And in this, there are no possible shortcuts.

In order to avoid this work, many actions are takenMany of them, apparently, convince the person that he is working on himself. They can be activities of self-knowledge or multiple alternative therapies, but without a center, and without a real confrontation.

These therapies, which are extremely valuable if they are complemented by deep work, can be left in the air or used as a way to avoid it.

Self-knowledge is essential to be able to choose more consciously. If we don't, everything that remains inaccessible generates effects from the unconscious, leading us down paths that we sometimes consider inevitable. And this happens on a personal level but also on a collective level. And today more than ever we experience what comes and what escapesour control, but that has a lot to do with aspects that humanity has kept invisible for a long time.

«Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue to direct your life, and you will call it destiny.»

Carl G. Jung

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