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Join Positive Psychology

Traditionally, Psychology has focused its attention on what deviates from normality, from what is considered mentally he althy, that is, on possible disorders, the pathological,. However, there is an equally scientific branch that concentrates its studies and research on the positive traits and aspects of the human being, delving into them.


It is under this conceptual framework that Positive Psychology advocates promoting and promoting strengths, realizing the cushioning effect they exert against mental disorders or alterations.

In addition, its effectiveness in improving the quality of life for these same reasons has been amply demonstrated, carrying out preventive work through the implementation of skills such as optimism, creativity, or perseverance.

The results obtained in people who undergo comprehensive treatments that include elements of positive psychology, will have a direct impact on society since individuals will maximize their personal development, forming personalities prepared to face the difficulties and adversities of life.

At the core of this current we come across the concept of optimism. Its predictive value in terms of he alth and well-being and its role in moderating stress in situations of high emotional impact make it a center of interestof undoubted importance.

We couldn't talk about something positive without the word humor echoing in our minds. Humor brings laughter, and laughter is a wonderful anxiety and nervousness reducer. There is nothing like a good laugh to release tension and endorphins. After that, we'll still have concerns, but you'll probably perceive them as less threatening.

When we experience a traumatizing episode, the emotions that invade us are of a negative nature. However, it is these situations that force us to rethink our considerations about the world, initiating a process of reconstruction of beliefs, ideas and criteria that almost always leads to a personal growth and an increase in of the resilience.

The creativity is also part of this philosophy that aims to emphasize and promote the positive aspects of being human. It is a capacity that depends on a conglomerate made up of physical characteristics, favorable environments, cognitive and technical skills, so it is foolish to consider it a stable personality trait. It can be developed, trained in order to be useful, increasing the quality of life.

Studies from this perspective have provided some interesting conclusions. When we feel grateful for all the good things that life has brought us, our level of general satisfaction increases, which favors the emergence of adaptive strategies for coping with stress, which maintains ourself-esteem at he althy levels.

Furthermore, when we see other people doing good deeds, there is a kind of contagion that pushes you to want to do good deeds. Think that you can infect another person, and so on. The world would work infinitely better, right?

Therefore, the multiple uses of this current mushroom as scientific as any other and by no means exclusive are evident. It appears as a complement and companion to conventional therapies whose effectiveness and reliability are more than proven. So let's apply as much positivity as we can to our lives. For the adversities, the course of life is already in charge of putting them in our way.

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