Fear of blood or Hematophobia

Fear of blood or Hematophobia
Fear of blood or Hematophobia

Surely we all know people, perhaps ourselves, who do not tolerate or do not take very well the sight of blood. People who even faint at the sight of this liquid element so fundamental to life that runs through our interior.

The most extreme case is that of Hematophobia or fear of blood suffered by people who, seeing both their own blood and that of others, suffer from the ´symptoms of a phobia with anxiety attacks, wanting to flee from the situation, panic and even fainting before such a great impression.


We cannot confuse hematophobia with other similar symptoms that a large percentage of the population suffers when seeing blood, such as dizziness, nausea, fear of doing blood tests, etc.

We are sure that many of our readers are not very fond of seeing blood, but this does not mean that they suffer from hematophobia.

Hematophobia is a well-defined phobia and to suffer from it you have to meet a series of symptoms and requirements that will tell us with certainty that we are truly facing a person with this disorder.

We speak of phobias when the level of stress, panic and anxiety that the person suffers from the stimulus, in this case blood, is so great that it prevents them from being able to lead a normal life, affecting vital sections.

In this case a person with hematophobia is unable to go to the doctor to have amedical examination through a blood test, is something completely inconceivable for them and we know that at some point in our lives or in several we have the need to perform these tests to find out what is happening with a disease or to help some kind of diagnosis that will be very important for our he alth.

Among the characteristics of hematophobia we have, for example, that it not only appears when seeing blood but with simple imagination. Therefore, it appears both in the moments in which we are faced with wounds or real blood and in the moments in which it abstractly appears in our minds through imagination and of course, in movies or on television, which can sometimes catch the person by surprise by having an anxiety crisis.

One of the characteristics of hematophobia is that it not only refers to being afraid of blood but to being afraid of seeing blood, a dangerous feedback that makes this problem much more serious.

Another characteristic that stands out in this phobia is that it usually ends in fainting, in loss of consciousness, being able to see to what degree this anxiety that makes us feel Hematophobia physically reaches.

The causes of the appearance of this phobia are not clear but can be diverse, such as some trauma in which blood is the protagonist.

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