Pomodoro method to improve productivity

Pomodoro method to improve productivity
Pomodoro method to improve productivity

Many of us feel that the day does not spread. The list of objectives for the day never ends and they accumulate with those of the following days. With which, we feel a frustration regarding our time management. Indeed, we are doing something wrong. It's time to end the backlog.


First of all, it is interesting to know that maintaining optimal attention on a task for a long time, is usually unfeasible more when the task in question requires considerable cognitive work. Therefore, a strategy aimed at solving this difficulty is one that allows you to increase productivity.

this is the context in which the pomodoro method will challenge your attention span. You will only need a watch or stopwatch.

The main objective of this method is to manage time or rather to optimize time. Its application is very simple: Once the list of tasks has been drawn up and the most important and/or urgent have been prioritized, we will begin to work on the chosen one. we set our clock to go off in 25 minutes, a period in which we will work intensively on this task. Each period of 25 minutes is called pomodoro, an Italian word that means tomato, the shape of the kitchen clock used by the creator of the method. Once the pomodoro is over, we will dedicate 5 minutes to rest doing anotherless demanding activity.

In addition, every four pomodoros there will be a break of 15 or 20 minutes.

Short breaks can be used to stretch your legs drink water check the Facebook page for example. the longest break can be used to eat something, walk, browse a book, a magazine or simply relax. The case is to disconnect from the pomodoro task.

Since there is the possibility of interruptions, these should not be computed in time because they are not part of the execution of the specific task.

It is effective and convenient to visualize the relationship of each pomodoro through a registration system that can range from a simple cross on a piece of paper and some eye-catching stickers or even a document prepared especially for this purpose. This produces a psychological effect of productivity that will have a motivating impact to continue. The correct practice of the method will allow us to carry out more tasks in less time with which our productivity increases substantially. On the other hand, your ability to concentrate will increase which will result in sharper decision making.

However, if the first few times you apply it you find that you have not finished the task in the pomodoro period in question, it will be a sign that you should work more on planning it. As a consequence, you will be developing and improving your ability to plan effectively.

You no longer have an excuse to get to the point while neutralizing distractions andincrease your level of effectiveness. Do not forget to recommend the method to your friends and acquaintances and apply it to as many spheres of life as you can think of. I'm sure it will be a useful tool in all of them.

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