Adolescence: Crisis and individuation

Adolescence: Crisis and individuation
Adolescence: Crisis and individuation

The adolescent process is not easy. Initially, a previous stage is established and with specific characteristics called Puberty, where the body changes mostly arise and it is a stage of great discomfort for the The children who from here begin to stop being children.

Adolescence involves a rupture. Breakup in many ways. Fundamentally, with respect to the body image of children they had up to now and with the parental as the fall of that illusion of the child regarding to the supreme power of their parents, which implies a confrontation with them.


It has to happen this way so that the transit through this stage is he althy.

Adolescence requires sustaining a process of historicization, of discovery, disarming and reassembling its history personal and those who make up your family.

The adult must help in this, providing all the information that they require.

The lie or the family secrets, hinder the process considerably.

It's a stage of Crisis, and as such, it's a moment where everything given up to that point is questioned. It rivals, faces and challenges constantly.

La parental authority is tested again and again, and the group of pairs is now the shelter sought.

If Adolescence passes “ no noise”, this is the most worrying and implies that the process for some reason could not be carried out. And there may be indications of this difficulty later.

This is a period that has to be traveled with all its illnesses and joys.

The parents, are in a difficult position, requiring a bra, a “not abdicate”, meaning not to fall from your place of parental authority; maintain boundaries and a framework of containment, while being flexible andempathetic with the moment your child is going through.

Parents who want to be “cool” and allow everything or position themselves as friends of their children, are falling out of their role. They can't holdtheir son/daughter and sit on their level. Situation that causes great insecurity for the children.

And those who are too inflexible, who censor or do not allow searching who the adolescent tries to unfold, they also abdicate: they do not hold but expel.

The young person will probably reject this attitude that represents a dismissal of her/him.

It is one of the most complex evolutionary junctures to go through and it is often when many psychological conflicts are triggered.

Issues that were latent during childhood, now come to light. For this reason, it is very important that the adult is present, from the dialogue and the interest. Even when the young person rejects this, which is typical of this stage.

Rather the parental position at the moment is that of a presence-absence.

With this, a round trip is precisely required that, on the one hand guarantees the parental presence and thehold and on the other, can respect the adolescent's space and their times through some distance. Respecting your privacy and your choices.

If these positions are guaranteed, hopefully the process will proceed he althily.

The individuation process is very complex and can last a lifetime or never start at all. For Carl G. Jung, it implies the possibility of finding the sameness, becoming autonomous and independent beings with a sense of identity and characteristics that make us different from the rest.

This process involves the differentiation, between the own and the alien. Distinguishing the ideas and own desires of those that we inherit, or that have been transmitted to usthose around us.

Thus, it is in adolescence where this process could begin to gestation, although it exceeds this period and usually extends into adulthood and much of life.

This has to be tolerated by parents, who generally feel like attack or rejectionthat your child tries to differentiate.

Simultaneously with differentiation, the young person needs to anchor in that historicization mentioned above.

Feeling part of a generational chain that contains them, to, from there, differentiate themselves and project their wish to the future.

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