Obesity Control

Obesity Control
Obesity Control

Obesity is the consequence of an addiction, food addiction.

Of all addictions this is the most difficult to overcome, because you can quit smoking, alcohol or drugs, but what you can't do is stop eating.

Like all addictions, it is not curable either, but it can be controlled by learning to eat well.

morbid obesity
morbid obesity

In a few cases obesity has a genetic origin, because the vast majority of obese people who exist overeat.

The sedentary life and the inclusion in the diet of fast food with a high caloric content, are the current factors that affect this disorder.

But also stress and emotional imbalances produce obesity in people who have developed a very early conditioning, learning to calm anxiety by eating.

This behavior is more common than the opposite behavior, that is, when faced with a situation of emotional tension the person stops eating, as in anorexia, when the person loses his appetite and can even lose his life.

Other factors that affect weight gain are the advertising of food products that are spread by all means and that stimulate and encourage consumption, as well as the emergence of a large number of candy stores that put the reach of the hand and of almost all the pockets an attractive variety ofpackaging that encourages you to buy.

In the face of all this irresistible temptation, there is an almost skeletal figure that is difficult to achieve even for those who eat moderately.

Then bulimia pictures appear, which are characterized by binge eating and provoked vomiting, to prevent what they eat during an uncontrollable impulse from making them fat.

The obese person, far from being a happy fat boy, is, like all addicts, a depressive who tries to console himself with ingestion.

Self-help groups are the best way to deal with this problem. In them, people with the same difficulty support each other, learn to eat he althy and have the opportunity to realize that obesity is not only an eating disorder but also a disease.

But in order to lose weight, the most important thing is to have a good motivation.

When being overweight is extreme, losing weight can change a person's life but it can also affect the person's environment

Relatives of an obese person often sabotage their diet, since this pathology almost always tends to hide deeper family conflicts, such as the need for a patient to maintain balance.

Currently, statistics in this country show that 49% of the population is overweight. It is expected that in a few years this figure will rise if measures are not taken to avoid it.

A story to think about

The Motivation

Once upon a time there was a very obese young woman who lived alone in acenter department. She never went out anywhere because she was so fat that she couldn't get through the elevator door and she sat all day looking out the window, always eating something.

One day she noticed a water leak under the kitchen counter and she had to call a plumber

A very handsome young man came to repair the pipe and so she wouldn't see her, she locked herself in the bathroom.

Since she couldn't stop thinking about him that week, she decided to start an internet regimen

At first she went down fast because she was very overweight but when she reached one hundred kilos, as the scale was going down very slowly, she proposed to herself that by the end of the month she would put all her effort into occupying less space

Sheshe came to weigh what she wanted and when she looked in the mirror she barely recognized herself. After all, she wasn't as ugly as she thought, but she still had two operations to remove all the extra skin.

she was so pretty that everyone looked at her. She then decided to call the plumber again before anything else.

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