Career Guidance Personality Test

Career Guidance Personality Test
Career Guidance Personality Test

Professional identity requires a personal commitment

Personality characteristics are also part of professional identity, therefore it is necessary to know oneself better to correctly choose a profession.

To be able to study a career or trade that is in accordance with the vocation, in addition to adequately informing themselves about the possibilities offered by the context in which they live and considering their interests, abilities, specific aptitudes, both intellectual and physical and lifestyle they want, you have to take into account the personality characteristics.

Personality Test for Vocational Guidance
Personality Test for Vocational Guidance

Choose from the list of items below the options that you think match your personality traits to determine a job profile from this point of view.

1) I'm active

2) I'm passive

3) I have initiative

4) I have no initiative and wait for the opportunity to act

5) I'm enthusiastic

6) Nothing excites me

7) I wake up early

8) I wake up late

9) My life is orderly

10) My life is not orderly

11) I like to make plans

12) I don't like to plan

13) I like to study

14) I don't like to study

15) Others think I'm cute

16) It's hard for me to dorelationships

17) I have high self-esteem

18) I have no self-esteem

19) I accept my body scheme

20) I don't accept my body schema

21) I have projects

22) I have no projects

23) I am of theoretical intelligence(mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.)

24) I am of practical intelligence (technology, crafts, art, sports, commerce…)

25) I'm sure

26) I'm insecure

27) I'm emotionally stable

28) I'm emotionally unstable

29) I have patience

30) I'm impatient

31) I like the changes

32) I don't like changes

33) I'm emotional and affectionate

34) I'm phlegmatic, cold and calm

35) I'm an intellectual

36) I'm handy

37) I'm depressed

38) I'm an optimist

39) I'm positive

40) I'm negative

41) I'm shy

42) I'm social

43) I'm an extrovert

44) I'm an introvert

45) I'm a rebel

46) I'm submissive

47) I'm balanced

48) I'm conflicted

49) I make decisions fast

50) I'm undecided

51) I am dependent

52) I'm independent

53) I am bold

54) I'm afraid

55) I'm aggressive

56) I'm a diplomat

57) I forget offenses

58) I'm spiteful

59) I'm formal

60) I'm Casual

Select from all these options those that you consider to be part of your personality andyou will have the job profile that should be adapted to the career you choose.

To facilitate understanding, write the affirmative options on a piece of paper, which will configure a description of your personality characteristics that will help you choose the career that best suits you, taking into account this important aspect of Yourself

All careers require certain personality traits to achieve professional identity, which means committing to a profession not only as a professional but also as a person.

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