Vocational Guidance Test

Vocational Guidance Test
Vocational Guidance Test

Many young people who have finished their secondary cycle, are faced with an unknown as to what their future may be. They have to choose a university career to obtain a degree that will enable them to practice a profession, or learn a trade efficiently enough to participate in their work in a very competitive environment.

Vocational Guidance Test
Vocational Guidance Test

The numerous requests and comments on my article en titled "Professional Vocation" have motivated me to try to help you once again with a Vocational Guidance Test, which may be useful for choosing a career or trade.

You must write your preferences on a piece of paper and once you have finished your choices you can evaluate your profile.

Based on this classification, they will be able to limit themselves more precisely to the vocational area that corresponds to each one.

1) Participate in sports competitions and exercise

2) Dedicate yourself to field tasks, livestock, agriculture, orchard, flower cultivation, etc.

3) Being a beekeeper (honey producer)

4) Engage in manufacturing products

5) Study philosophy or theology

6) Being an electrical technician.

7) Being an electronic technician

8) Repair or assemble computers

9) Being a director of an educational institution

10) Plan parks and gardens

11) Decorating interiors

12) Makehouse or building plans

13) Working in a lab

14) Analyzing samples under a microscope

15) Research living organisms to make vaccines

16) Being a teacher of children

17) Teaching in secondary schools

18) Being a university professor

19) Write a book

20) Being alone preferably

21) Be accompanied preferably

22) Study Law

23) Carry out paperwork and administrative procedures

24) Working in an office

25) Working outdoors

26) Belong to security forces, police, military, etc.

27) Keep schedules

28) Work independently

29) My favorite high school subjects are:

30) Sell or promote products, market research, surveys, etc.

31) Interact with people

32) Creative advertising

33) Participating in a political party

34) Traveling for work

35) Speak other languages

36) Getting married and having children

37) Engage in plastic art, painting, sculpture

38) Engage in music, composition, performer, singer

39) Dedicate yourself to theater, body language, modelling.

40) Dedicate yourself to cinema, television, cameras, directing, scenery etc.

41) Doing export and import business

42) Carry out procedures internationally

43) Work with computers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

44) Work onteam

45) Work alone

46) Make a speech in front of a large audience

47) Do manual labor

48) Wearing casual clothes to work

49) Dressing up for work

50) Compose articles in a diary

51) Being a radio or television announcer

52) Running a business

53) Treating psychiatric patients

54) Heal Bleeding Wounds

55) Perform surgical operations

56) Giving injections

57) Attend public

58) Having presence of mind in the face of accidents

59) Conduct police investigations

60) Do scientific research

61) Working with numbers, calculations and statistics

62) Take care of the sick

63) Specific skills(list natural aptitudes)

64) age

65) country of origin

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