Registration of the body and emotions

Registration of the body and emotions
Registration of the body and emotions

As we have discussed in many previous articles giving space to the body and the emotions that inhabit it is an extremely important aspect when addressing issues of mental and emotional he alth.

The body is often forced to "work" in certain ways, considered productive. Of course, living in community implies that we have to give up or repress certain satisfactions, without which social and cultural construction would be impossible. However, what we have given up over time to live as we do today is a lot. And the resignations to the intervention of the body and the emotional and imaginative aspects bring many negative consequences.


Therefore, we must recover the practices that allow the body and emotions to be registered and given rise to. Communication channels that constantly send us messages.

The body communicates when a physical position is being forced, or when we eat something that is not good for us. It also communicates emotionally when we are acting without knowing it, or demanding ourselves excessively, through anxiety or anguish. Emotions have the purpose of communicating something about the environment and about ourselves, they are extremely important signals. What makes us angry or scares us is directly related to deep personal aspects and also speaks to us of collective signals about howfaced the events throughout the history of mankind.

Annulling emotions or ignoring them implies leaving out an extremely rich flow of information. The body is the living ground through which we experience everything that happens to us. Through it, transgenerational and collective unconscious issues are also transmitted, so that its manifestations can make us know much more than ourselves.

We can register the body and emotions with some meditation or yoga practices that allow us to be aware of bodily sensations. Through visualizations you can work with emotions, trying to locate them in some part of the body, and then describe them or write associations from that experience. All the material that arises through these tools can then be worked on in a therapeutic space that allows to deepen and elaborate something of what emerged there.

Currently more than ever the body and emotions make themselves heard. Psychosomatic illnesses and panic attacks are practically "common" characteristics to the vast majority of society. This happens precisely because there is something of these aspects that do not find a place.

La society of doing and producing, added to speed and technology, plunge us into a whirlpool of growing demands and needs that we perceive must be responded to without delay. The body and emotions, in most cases, have no place in thisrhythm.

That's why we need to make a movement that allows the creation of a different way of moving around the world. A unique way that allows us to inhabit it to a greater or lesser extent, but without falling prey to its alienating practices.

The bodily and emotional register allows us to deepen our self-knowledge and travel a more conscious life path.

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