The unbearable lightness of being

The unbearable lightness of being
The unbearable lightness of being

In today's article you can read the argument of the culminating work of the Czech author Milan Kundera en titled "The unbearable lightness of being". But first, you can consult the life and work of this one by accessing the direct link that we provide below:

Milan Kundera


This work has a somewhat special structure as it does not follow a logical timeline, but rather is a series of chapters dealing with different independent themes using the same characters.

At the beginning of the work, the author himself talks about the concepts of lightness and weight from hisphilosophicaland personal historical perspective. This is how he introduces the character of the novel, Tomás, a Czechoslovakian surgeon from the 1960s, divorced and who has many lovers, including Teresa, another of the characters.

Tomásthere comes a time when he seems to want to maintain a stable relationship and he does so with Teresa despite the fact that he continues to see other lovers of his like Sabina, a very liberal-minded artist. Teresa in the end prefers not to continue with this relationship and leaves him.

Advancing to the second chapter of the work, the author focuses on deciphering the relationship that exists between the soul and the body through the character of Teresa.

After this, the play focuses on the characters of Sabina and an academic of ideasrooted called Franz. The author presents in this part a kind of glossary of terms that for each of these characters means a different thing such as women, walks through the cemetery, etc. In the end, this relationship will end as Sabina decides to separate from Franz to be true to herself.

In the fourth part, she focuses on everything that was going through Teresa's mindwhen she was married to Tomás and was aware that her husband He was unfaithful with many women. In this way, Teresa will try to prove what it is like to beunfaithfulto your partner and to do so, she begins to work in a bar and seduce one of her clients. After sleeping with him, Teresa will suspect that the ease with which all the events have occurred has been such because in reality everything was part of a plot against her by the communist intelligence system that existed at that time in her country to capture to opponents.

In the next part, Tomas will suffer the consequences ofcommunismin his job, going from being a renowned surgeon to window cleaner

Finally,Sabinawill try to fulfill the unattainable desire to have children and a normal family by taking care of an elderly couple whom she treated as if they were her own children. her though this didn't last forever

For her part,Franzrealized that he couldn't be obsessed with Sabina anymore when she didn't want him anymore and ended up dying

Y Tomás, who had a cold relationshipwith his son Simón, he ended up having a good relationship with him thanks to the field but he ended up dying four months later.

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