Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

In today's article you can read the biography of one of the most important authors of universal literature. This is Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was born in 1812 in the United Kingdom and died in 1870.

One of the relevant aspects of his childhood was that his father went to jail because he had a lot of debts.

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

When Charles Dickens was old enough to work he worked in a shoe factory and it was there that he learned how hard life is for people who belong to thehigher social classes low. Thanks to the experience lived at this time, Dickens will dedicate himself to denouncing this situation in his literary works.

he was a self-taught person and taught himself shorthand from him so that he could put what he really liked on paper without anyone's help

Thus, he worked first writing court reports, then becoming a parliamentary journalist, and finally having his own section in a newspaper (Sketches by Boz) in the one who wrote articles inspired by daily life in London.

Shortly thereafter, Charles Dickens marriedCatherine Hogartwho was the daughter of the editor of one of the newspapers that was commissioned to publish his works, the “Morning Chronicle ».

And, the works of Charles Dickens were published by issues in the newspapers. Thanks toUsing this method, the author established a very special relationship with his readers since he even exerted a great influence on them, since the author used to write in his works about relevant issues of the time in which they lived that affected everyone.

During this time, Charles Dickens's style changed from being very light and even spontaneous to being socially engaged.

Dickens' first plays were successful and enjoyed by audiences and critics alike. In this way, the author's social position achieved great honors.

However, when he learned from within the upper and educated classes of United States, where he was effusively received, Dickens felt very disappointed and ended up expressing it in his novel "Martin Chuzzlewit" which outraged the United States and, at the same time, became a sudden failure in his literary career.

But thanks to the work “A Christmas Carol”,published in 1843, Charles Dickens regained public appreciation.

Years later he entered the world of theater and rehearsals. In addition, he also used to do world tours in which he himself read fragments of his work in front of his fans.

he Had aloverwhile married to actress Ellen Teman that caused him to publicly apologize

Some of his works were:“Oliver Twist”, “Houseold Words”, “The Deserted House” or “Tough Times”

After having a car accidentrailway, Charles Dickens never recovered because with this, added to the fragile state of he alth he had, he ended up dying.

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