Today we will dedicate this space to the use of italics explaining when we should use this type of spelling.


1. We will use italics in the titles of books, comics, dictionaries, newspapers, magazines, etc.



The Unbearable Lightness of Being is one of my favorite books.

When I was little I used to read Mortadelo and Filemón with my brother.

To resolve these doubts, consult the Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of doubts.

I have read the news of his arrest in the country

Every week I shop Thursday.

In the event that a title is part of another, it will not be written in italics.

Example: I consulted the work Analysis of Lazarillo de Tormes to do my work.

2. The titles that give names to works of art belonging to disciplines such as sculpture, painting, music, etc. are written in italics.


The Venus de Milo is made of white marble.

The Dressed Maja is the work of the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya.

Love me tender is my favorite Elvis Presley song.

3. Titles of movies, TV shows, and series will also be italicized.


My favorite movie is Life is Beautiful.

The program that has been on television for the longest time is Know and Win.

Every Monday nightwe see Game of Thrones.

4. The names given to unique devices that have been invented or built by man will be in italics.

Example: The Concorde was the first supersonic aircraft used to transport passengers.

5. When an alias, pseudonym, nickname, nickname, etc. appears next to a person's real name, the latter will be written in italics.

Example: José Martínez Ruiz, Azorín, is a writer belonging to the Generation of '98.

6. Proper names of animals, if they are not names of animals from literary or historical works, will also be written in italics.

Example: Pili the mule is the prettiest.

7. In periodic publications, those warnings that indicate how the text is distributed on the pages will be written in italics.

Example: Continue on page 16.

8. The letters that appear in formulas and mathematical approaches are written in italics.

Example: a + a=2 a.

9. Letters representing magnitudes are in italics.

Example: v (speed).

10. We will also write in italics the scientific names of plants, diseases, bacteria, etc.

Example: The opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) is a plant belonging to the Papaveraceae family.

11. Names of musical notes are written in italics if they are not part ofconstituent of a set phrase.

Example: The first note of the musical scale is C.

12. Those Latin words, phrases or phrases not accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) will be written in italics.

Example: Carpe diem is a frequent topic in literature.

13. Italics are often used for emphasis:

– Words or phrases that belong to a different language than the rest of the text.

Example: The listening section of this page is very good.

– Words that appear next to their definition or explanation.

Example: House is a noun.

– Intentionally misspelled words.

Example:Grandpa always said he listened to the radio

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