Exercises direct object and indirect object (I)

Exercises direct object and indirect object (I)
Exercises direct object and indirect object (I)

In today's article we are going to propose you to carry out a series of exercises related to syntax, specifically on the Direct Object and Indirect Object.

If you don't remember or don't know what each of these syntactic components are, you can read the explanations of each one in the following links:

Direct object


Indirect object

I. What you have to do is identify in each of the sentences that we propose the direct and indirect complements, if any. The solutions can be found below.

1. The gentleman in the elegant hat gallantly kissed the lady's hand.

2. I think your friend bought some trinkets for her little cousin of hers.

3. Stop giving ice cream to kids, it's weird.

4. My grandparents and I spent the whole afternoon choosing a gift for the wedding.

5. We finally found a bag for mom.

6. The coach of this basketball team gave that blonde player a tough talk.

7. Yesterday a box full of bottles arrived for my neighbor.

8. Last week I had a very painful injection.

9. Have you packed your winter clothes yet?

10. When we went to my brother's house they greeted us in the kitchen.

II. In the following exercise what you have to do is, in addition toto identify the CD and CI is to replace them with a corresponding pronoun. When making the substitutions, try all the possible combinations, that is, substituting only the CD, or the CI or both at the same time.

Reminder: CDs can be replaced by the pronouns lo, la, los, las and ICs by the pronouns le, les, se.

1. Can you lend us the bikes for tonight?

2. That little girl is singing the song for her brother

3. My neighbor still hasn't delivered the postcard to Pepe.

4. The school principal has summoned all the students to the courtyard at two o'clock.

5. Organizations of this type often send food to the poor.

6. In this story, the grandmother adored her granddaughter

7. Every day he sends roses to her love




1. CD: the hand; CI: to the lady

2. CD: some trinkets; CI: to her cousin

3. CD: ice creams; CI: to the children

4. CD: a gifts; CI: for the wedding

5. CD: a bag; CI: for mom

6. CD: a talk; CI: to that player

7. There is no direct object because "a box" is the subject of the sentence; CI: for my neighbor

8. DC: one injection; CI: me

9. CD: the clothes; no CI

10. CD: us; no CI


1. CD: the motorcycles; CI: us

Can you lend us THEM for tonight?

2. CD: the song; CI: for her brother

That girl is singing the song to YOU.

ThatLA girl is singing to her brother.

That girl is singing it to YOU.

3. CD: the postcard; CI: to Pepe

My neighbor still hasn't delivered Pepe.

My neighbor hasn't delivered the postcard yet.

My neighbor hasn't delivered it yet.

4. CD: to all students; CI: no

The principal of the LOS school has summoned two o'clock in the courtyard.

5. DC: food; CI: to the poor

Organisations like this often send IT to the poor.

Organisations like this often send them food.

Organisations like this often send IT to YOU.

6. CD: to her granddaughter; CI: no

In this story granny adored HER.

7. CD: roses; CI: to her beloved

He sends HER roses every day.

Every day he sends THEM to her lover

Every day he sends them.

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