The narrative text

The narrative text
The narrative text

The narrative text is the story of events of various characters, real or imaginary, developed in a place and over time.

Each author has a particular style in his narration. However, there are general rules that are followed in most texts, such as the structure:

– Introduction: Here is the initial situation.

shakespeare narrating
shakespeare narrating

– Knot: At this stage the conflict appears. This problem will be the main theme of the text and will try to be solved.

– Denouement: Finally, the conflict finds a solution.

In turn, we can distinguish an external and an internal structure:

– External: Divides the content into chapters, songs, parts, treatises, sequences, etc.

– Internal: These are the elements that make up the narration:

a.- Narrator: There may be one or more narrators. It can be a character within the story (it will narrate in the first or second person) or omniscient (it will narrate in the third person).

b.- Space: Space is extremely important in narration. In his description, we can find much of what the author is trying to communicate to us in the generality of the story.

c.- Time: There is a historical (or external) time that is the time in which the story unfolds, and an internal time that is the duration of the events of the story. This internal time can follow a linear order, or it canto have twists and turns in time, playing with the past, the present and the future.

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