Klimt's Danae

Klimt's Danae
Klimt's Danae

This oil painting on canvas was painted by the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt in 1907 and is currently kept in the Wurthle Gallery in Vienna.

Eroticism in its purest form. And it is that for Klimt all art is erotic. But in this case he shows it quite clearly. He introduces us to the mythological characterDanáe, daughter of Acrisio, at the precise moment of having an orgasm. Something that Klimt reflected on several occasions, just as he also made various studies of women masturbating.

Klimt's Danae

Danáe de Klimt

The image is based on the story from Greek mythologyaccording to which King Acrisius kept his daughter Danáe hidden and locked up to try to break the prophecy that said that his own grandson would murder him. However, he did not succeed, since Zeus ended up discovering the hiding place of the young Danáe whom he ended up impregnating. In this way Perseus was born, who finally murdered his grandfather Acrisius

With the elegance that characterizes Klimt's works such as The Kiss, it symbolically represents that moment of sexual intercourse and fertilization with a golden rain that descends from the top like a waterfall, and that would come to capture how it penetrates Zeus in Danáe's body.

That golden Byzantine color and its sensuality is a kind of trademark of Klimt's work, especially in his late style. It is also very production of it vaporous fabric with drawingsalso golden that caresses and frames the naked body of the young woman.

The girl's curvy legs elegantly hide the real focal point of the painting, her vagina, which is addressed by the golden waterfall

Klimt combines the dramatic action of the scene with soft directional lines, like those indicated by that golden shower. But there is more. For example, the pleasant tilt of her head in an ecstatic gesture that frames her red hair. Or the tilt of her forearm, where her hand disappears between her thighs that come together, squeeze and quiver in ecstasy. With all these elements he manages to direct our gaze towards the center of the canvas. With those lines and also with the colors, since the woman's entire body is clearly marked because her light tones are enveloped by the black of the background and the fabric, the yellow shine or the reddish tone of the hair.

It is an image of the modernist style of Klimt and with his usual erotic tone, so different from that of his contemporary Egon Schiele, where everything is much more sordid. Just compare thisDanáewith her compatriot's Reclining Woman in Green Stockings

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