Maricel's Palace

Maricel's Palace
Maricel's Palace

This emblematic construction of the Catalan town of Sitges is actually two palaces in one. The Palau Maricel de Terra on the left and the Palau Maricel de Mar, on the right, and both are linked by an overpass over the narrow street that separates them.

Both buildings together with the neighboring Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Church, and the urban space of Racó de la Calma, are the most emblematic of the historic center of Sitges, which literally rises above the waters of the Mediterranean.

Palace of Maricel of Sitges

Maricel Palace of Sitges

On the site occupied by the set of buildings of Maricel, there used to be an old hospital and old fishermen's houses, but with the arrival of this town at the beginning of the 20th century Barcelona native of the American Charles Deering, millionaire and philanthropist, bought those ancient buildings and had them demolished to build this palace.

Back then Sitges was a haven for modernist artists such as Santiago Rusiñol or Miquel Utrillo. Precisely to the latter he commissioned the project of the palace, since he wanted to settle there, because in Sitges he had found a paradise to placate his he alth problems.

Utrillo to be inspired when designing a palace with medieval airs in the middle of the 20th century, countless towns were visitedhistorical Catalan houses and also many museums, to finally give that old appearance that the architectural complex has.

Although the general project was the work of Miquel Utrillo, many other artists of the time were involved in the construction, such as the sculptor Pere Jou to whom the vast majority of capitals are owed and reliefs that can be seen. And also in some way the painter Santiago Rusiñol himself intervened, who also acquired the house adjoining the Palau and which is currently the Cau Ferrat, a museum dedicated to his life, collections and work, where you can see some of his creations such as the portrait of his daughter María Rusiñol in Cau Ferrat.

In short, the Palau Maricel is an architectural complex that, in addition to having become one of the main monuments in Sitges, has now been converted into a Congress and Meeting Centre, It is also a magnificent example of how the architecture of the first years of the last century went through a historicist phase that was inspired by models from the past. Something that can be seen here both on the outside and in its beautiful internal rooms, where the Golden Room, the Chapel Room, the Blue Room or the Vaixells Room are located.

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