Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

The cathedral in the German capital is one of the highlights of the artistic Berlin Museum Island, where it is concentrated in five buildings: theAltes and the Neues Museum, the National Gallery, the Pergamon Museum or the Bodesmuseum . All of them treasure a set of works of art that summarize practically the entire artistic history of humanity. But also, on that same island is the Berlin Cathedral, which is practically a museum itself.

Facade of the Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral Facade

On the site where it stands there was already a church in 1750, but the truth is that the current building was not finished until 1905. Its forms are the most grandiose and are inspired by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance. It was also the burial place of the Hohenzollern dynasty, who ruled different German territories for centuries, and who had the royal palace across the street.

The temple was practically destroyed during the bombing of Berlin in World War II, and restoration work has taken decades. In fact, the temple was not reopened to the public until 1993, and yet certain parts of the church and its movable heritage are still undergoing a recovery process.

Inside you can see some works of the most important artistsPrussians. That is the case of the High Altar sculpted in marble and onyx that was the work of Friedrich August Stüler. And it's also worth looking at the baptismal font made by Christian Daniel Rauch. Also worth mentioning is the gigantic organ he designed in 1904Wilhem Saber, which has more than 7,000 wind pipes, making it one of the largest organs in the country

It has already been said that the Berlin Cathedral was the burial place of members of the reigning dynasty of Hohenzollern, so along the temple you can see a huge repertoire of funerary sculpture from different periods. For example, several sarcophagi of this family are preserved in the north and south apses, including those carved byAndreas Schlüterfor Frederick II and his second wife Sofia Charlotte. And also in the crypt there are up to 94 coffins.

Architecturally speaking, the most outstanding element of this complex is the monumental central dome covered in copper, already greenish due to the passage of time. To support such an element, a colossal structure was created, all of which can be admired from the viewing gallery at the top, which can be reached by steps that perfectly show the constructive secrets of this structure.

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