Rodchenko versatile artist

Rodchenko versatile artist
Rodchenko versatile artist

That art is at the service of power is nothing new, for thousands of years from the Ancient Age to the Contemporary World, art has been used as a form of expression for the most powerful but perhaps it is more striking to verify As in recent years, art has also been a propaganda medium for the different political movements. In this sense, Rodchenko's work has a clear social component.


Aleksandr Mijailovich Rodchenko (1891 – 1956) was a versatile artist who cultivated painting, sculpture and photography; Rodchenko will undoubtedly be the most outstanding Russian artist of his time. The painter became famous not only for being one of the initiators of Russian constructivist aesthetics, but also because the artist was a fervent admirer and defender of the Bolshevik Communist Party, empowering the regime with his works.

Despite being a native of St. Petersburg, the artist soon moved to Kazan where he entered the city's Art School and later the Moscow Straganov Institute. It is perhaps in this period that the artist feels more influenced by another of the great Russian painters of the time, Kazimir Malevich. Also at that time, Tatlin's innovative work was in vogue and little by little it became a new inspiration for the young artist.

In this sense, it does not seem strange that the works thatRodchenko produced at this time has a strong geometric charge, the lines are pure, the forms simple and in them the color acquires special importance. But perhaps that arrangement of space is not determined solely by the influence of other artists, but rather that the painter's own political tendencies have a lot to do with it. The neat and clean art of Rodchenko's canvases was to Bolshevik taste and perhaps for this reason he became the Director of the Moscow Museum in the 1920s.

It was around that same time that the artist worked on his famous photomontages, with this technique he entered the advertising world and founded a real advertising and packaging company. But Rodchenko was a versatile artist and soon became fascinated by the new medium that was taking the spotlight away from painting, photography. Far from feeling withdrawn in a new field, the artist had an open and innovative attitude, he used all possible approaches to give everyday objects a new perspective. However, his photography remained faithful to the arrangement that had characterized the Bolshevik regime and even produced works with a marked social character. Over time, Rodchenko's photography came to cover fields as diverse as sports, culture or even abstraction, non-figurative photography was still more daring than abstract painting at that time.

Even in sculpture the artist achieved numerous successes and some of his works were qualifiedby their contemporaries as true works in motion.

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