Woman lying on Modigliani's bed

Woman lying on Modigliani's bed
Woman lying on Modigliani's bed

Amadeo Modigliani is famous for his canvases featuring women in the most varied postures, as can be seen in such famous paintings as Nude with a Necklace or portraits like the what he did to Madame Pompadour. But in addition to a large number of oil paintings, his legacy has a very high number of drawings.

Woman Reclining in Bed by Modigliani

Woman Reclining on Modigliani's Bed

In fact, Modigliani was a compulsive cartoonist. He did not always make them as sketches of his works in a larger format, he also grabbed a pencil and paper and drew for mere pleasure, and sometimes to exchange his drawings to pay off some of his many financial debts.

Whether as sketches, pleasure or economic means, we are always shown in drawings like this one by Woman lying on the bed as an inspired and above all passionate cartoonist, with a stroke which is always vigorous and expressive.

In this type of pencil works it is difficult to find chiaroscuro. The curved forms of his women seem to develop with a completely natural and continuous approach, which is the result of the enormous work thatModiglianicarried out to synthesize the forms as much as possible.

Actually, drawing was not a passing experience for this artist, nor as a mere path towards his pictorial or sculptural works, a field in which he also entered withfigures like his Caryatid. Actually, with these drawings Modigliani conformed his very personal style, and achieved that non-transferable synthesis of the forms of the figures in apparently simple outlines based on the arabesque of the lines.

Also his drawings served him to experiment on his characteristic faces, in which features always appear with supreme softness. And it is that for Modigliani, actually drawing became a true act of love.

Somehow drawing, painting or sculpting were his refuge. Everyone knows that the life of this character was absolutely dissipated, to define it in some way. A life full of alcohol, drugs, women and always bankrupt. One of the people who knew him best, the Russian poet Akhmatova, who was his great love, after his early death said: "I'm sure his eyes saw the world differently from ours."

And surely it was like that seeing his personal creations and his way of understanding his art. Even he was aware of the aura of a cursed artist that he carried around, and not only that, but he showed a certain pride in it. Because despite his fondness for drugs and absinthe, the truth is that he created one of the most attractive and unclassifiable pictorial ensembles of the firstavant-gardes of the 20th century.

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