Pala Castelfranco and Pala Pesaro, Giorgione and Titian (Part II)

Pala Castelfranco and Pala Pesaro, Giorgione and Titian (Part II)
Pala Castelfranco and Pala Pesaro, Giorgione and Titian (Part II)

By analyzing the works of Giorgione and Titian together, the influences of both artists become clear, as well as the close relationship that existed between them; however, when establishing a comparison between both canvases, La Pala Castelfranco and Pala Pesaro, we can observe the stylistic differences between the two. Giorgione's compositional style is shown on this occasion to be much simpler and demure, perhaps also because the Pala Castelfranco is one of his early works; meanwhile, Tiziano's Pala Pesaro shows a more ornate composition and with a greater number of characters.


La Pala Pesaro is a large vertical format work done in oil on canvas. Its spectacular measurements, reaching almost five meters in height and more than two and a half meters in width, is due to the fact that the work was destined to decorate the chapel of the Pesaro family in the church of Santa María del Frai in Venice. This was not the first time that Titian had worked for the Pesaros,he had previously done other commissions for the family such as the work Jacopo Pesaro presented by Pope Alexander VI to Saint Peter.

If Giorgione presented us in his work a sacra conversazione of the Virgin enthroned with her Son and two saints, Titian follows a similar scheme but with a greater number of characters on the scene. Mary is also enthronedin an elevated position and with her Son in her arms but this time, instead of being placed in the center of the composition, the Mother of God appears to the right of the canvas; this was a great innovation in the field of sacred conversations, in this way the characters establish a more prominent and striking movement.

At the feet of Mary appears the figure of Saint Peter, with a book in his hands and at his feet the keys to heaven that have become his symbol. Also appearing on the scene are two friars who wear the habit of the Franciscan order and who have been identified as Saint Francis and Saint Anthony.

The members of the Pesaro family are located in the lower right corner waiting to be presented to the Virgin; the entourage appears headed by Jacopo Pesaro and the rest of the characters in his family look at him expectantly with the exception of a little boy who turns his head to look directly at the viewer and thus draw our attention to the group. Some secondary characters also appear, such as Muslims captured by Jacopo in the Battle of San Maura and a warrior who carries the banner of Pope Alexander VI.

Al in Giorgione's work the artist presents us with an interior composition, however in the Pala Castelfranco the architecture allowed us to observe the natural landscape, on this occasion the Venetian artist has made a composition in whichclassicist style architecture occupies everything and we barely see any background other than the very large columns that occupy the entirecomposition.

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