Vermeer's little street

Vermeer's little street
Vermeer's little street

Vermeer of Delft, he painted his Dutch city, Delft, on different occasions. Of all the images of these urban landscapes that he made, without a doubt the most famous is the View of Delft that is kept in theMaurithuis Museum in The Hague. However, a few years earlier he painted this other view of the city, which is popularly known asLa Callecita.

Vermeer's little street

Vermeer's Little Street

The work was made between 1657 and 1658, and is currently exhibited in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where other masterpieces of his such as The Milkmaid are also hung.

This canvas despite being an exterior view, of a simple facade, the truth is that it is capable of surprising us with extraordinarily intimate sensations. It is not about a great monument, but rather he chooses a most common street in his city.

And besides, he is not particularly interested in showing us the architecture of the buildings, in fact, they are partially seen and not fully. His interest lies in the scene in general, like who is walking down the street and suddenly takes a snapshot of an urban area.

he wants to represent the brick walls, what is seen behind the door, thus seeing the woman in one of her daily chores, or the children playing carefree

The result of the image is the most real, in which much of its value as a typical scene of the 17th century lies. Yeswell its artistic value is increased by knowing that the work is more than possible that in reality it was not painted by placing an easel in front of that house and painting what was seen, but that the painter would do it in his workshop. Which is a sample of the mastery of this Baroque painter. By the way, to imagine them doing this work in his studio, just look at another of his works, which is The Painter in His Studio.

His ability to add color to the scene is what provokes the intense sensation of reality of the canvas. A good sample of them can be seen when contemplating the work in the Dutch museum. That is the best way to see for example, as to highlight the individual bricks and cement joints of the construction, you have not taken the time to draw them one by one, but actually manage to suggest them thanks to a precise combination of larger points or smaller.

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