Renoir Nude

Renoir Nude
Renoir Nude

This canvas painted in oil in 1876 by the French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir and is currently kept in the Pushkin Museum of Moscow, is a magnificent example of one of the objectives of the entire pictorial production of this master of Impressionism. His big theme was always beauty.

Renoir nude

Renoir Nude

A beauty in which any element is important. For example, he always takes into account the close communion in his works between the figure and the background where he places it. He does not paint figures isolated from his environment, on the contrary. He claims that his way of representing the human figure and its environment is the same, that there is a unity of style, that is why the effects that his paintings achieve are not due to a woman being more or less beautiful, but rather that the whole is beautiful.

The ideal of Renoir was based on the choice, not of the different elements of nature to represent in his art, but in the choice of the pictorial elements to use in his canvases, basically in the use of great sensitivity to apply one or another shade of color, regardless of what he was painting.

This allowed him to follow the most natural variations without being overly concerned that the shapes were perfectly achieved or regular. For him, beauty found its grace in variety, something most natural, sincehe considered that in reality, in nature, neither the void nor regular forms existed.

On the other hand, in addition to his chromatic treatment, there is no doubt that Renoir is capable of giving monumentality to his figures. Something that here expresses with the volume of this woman, which has dimensions and a relationship with her environment that is appropriate for her, given that she is presenting us with a universal beauty.

It is only showing us the beauty of a naked, beautiful, full woman, and all of it created from a single conditioning: light and her ability to mold that body.

This woman, whose name we know was Anna, has the same compelling appeal as many other women Renoir painted, both clothed and nude. And it is that this painter was able to endow them with an undeniable sensuality and above all with a grace that a true work of art needs. Somehow, in this type of Renoir's works, any of the elements we see are smiling at us.

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