Devin Castle

Devin Castle
Devin Castle

This is one of the most important fortresses in the history of today's Slovakia. And it is not so much because of the state of conservation in which it has survived to this day or because of its artistic value, which it also has, but because of the historical evolution that is reflected in these ruins. Which in reality are telling us about the convulsive and agitated past of all Central Europe.

Restored Devín Castle

Devín Castle Restored

The first thing to take into account is its location, as is the case with all important castles in the world. Since from them either a border is marked or a large territory is controlled. In this case we are dealing with a castle that is at an altitude of over 200 meters, they may not seem like much, but you have to keep in mind that most of the surrounding land is completely flat.

In fact, two rivers meet there: the Danube and the Morava. Precisely at that point this castle was built, since these river routes, especially the Danube, have always been commercial routes. It is even known that the enclave where the Devín Castle stands today was already occupied in Neolithic times, both in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Centuries later the Celtic tribes, and later the legions of the Romans began to build the fortress, and even the archaeological remains indicate that the firstChristian church north of the Danube.

Current state of Devín Castle

Current status of Devín Castle

However, the archaeological remains that this castle offers us are numerous and from different eras, since there are also vestiges of the Slavic fortress from the 8th century, when it became an important bastion on Great Kingdom of Moravia during the following centuries. In this way it was progressively enlarged, and already in the 13th century the medieval castle that can be seen today was built for the most part.

That castle was kept in perfect condition for years, and even in the 15th century a palace was added and later, when these lands were threatened by the Ottoman Empire, its walls were reinforced.

However, these reinforcements were not enough so that in 1809 the castle was practically destroyed by the French troops led by Napoleon Bonaparte, in his attempt to dominate the entire European continent. That destruction turned it over time into one of the greatest symbols of the history of Slovakia, which is why it was rebuilt and is one of its greatest cultural attractions, among other things because it is only 15 kilometers from the country's capital: Bratislava.

Spectacular Devín Castle

Devín Castle Spectacularity

And even to get there, there are two very attractive ways. One is to ride a bike to see how from allthis plain is distinguishing the form of the castle. And another way is by sailing down the Danube, so that you can appreciate the high rock that serves as a spectacular location for Devín Castle, which is the real reason for its historical importance.

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