Gainsborough Park Conversation

Gainsborough Park Conversation
Gainsborough Park Conversation

This canvas by Thomas Gainsborough (1727 – 1788) is a magnificent example of the early works of this artist from the period Rococo.

Currently the canvas is kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris, although before its current destination the work was owned by various personalities and dealers.

Conversation in Gainsborough Park

Gainsborough Park Conversation

The painting is a good example of Gainsborough's funniest paintings. Understanding funny in the sense that they are graceful, graceful, not in the sense that they are comical. This type of work was done quite a bit by him during his younger years, when the artist worked both inLondonand in his home region ofSuffolk.

The references when linking this topic of conversation in a park, immediately refer us to another of the great painters of Rococó art, Antoine Watteau, Belgian by birth but French by adoption, since he practically made his entire artistic career in France, with works such as Fiesta en un parque, for example.

This French influence is not accidental inGainsborough, as it can be seen in many of his other works, such as his impressive portrait of Lady in Blue. And it is that Thomas Gainsborough began to polish his natural talent for painting when he was very young in theworkshop of a French engraver. Specifically at the Gravelot workshop at the Saint Martin’s Lane academy.

On the other hand, Gainsborough, in addition to his paintings of such rococo environments, was an excellent portraitist, and has left us numerous examples such as the aforementioned Lady in Blue or a of his great mature works such as the Portrait of Miss Haverfield. And of course, regarding this work of Conversation in the park there has always been speculation about who the characters represented and portrayed are. And specifically it has been thought that it would be Thomas Sandby and his wife, although it has also been said that it would be a self-portrait with his wife. If it were so, for its dating it would be necessary to have the reference of the year 1746, the date of his marriage. And coincidentally in the year 1748, the artist painted a very similar work in which in this case there is no doubt about the portrayed since it is titled Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.

The truth is that outdoor portraiture is very common in English painting, compared to the French school, where it is much more common for this type of work to be set indoors. However, it must be said that although the English made this type of portrait in landscapes, the truth is that this natural environment was often nothing more than a mere convention. However, in the case of Gainsborough this is not the case, since he treated the landscape with care, and in fact there are works in which he is the true protagonist of the painting.

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