Venice Ri alto Bridge

Venice Ri alto Bridge
Venice Ri alto Bridge

Undoubtedly the Ri alto Bridge is one of the most emblematic images of the Venice most touristic. That is why any day of the year receives thousands and thousands of photographs from travelers. An attraction that dates back several centuries, since since the time of Canaletto or Francesco Guardi, maximum representatives in the realization of vedute or views, it has captured the attention of tourists, artists and fans.

Ri alto bridge

Ri alto Bridge

The Ri alto Bridge, besides being beautiful, is an extraordinarily functional work. Keep in mind that to save the waters of the Canal Grande of Venice there are only three bridges. One is Scalzi bridge, next to the church of the same name designed by the great baroque architect Baldassare Longhena, one of the great architects of the most monumental and historic aspect of Venice. The second of the bridges over the Grand Canal is the Ri alto and finally the Accademia.

The one in Ri alto dates back to 1591 and is the work of Antonio da Ponte, who finally won a competition in which projects by architects of the stature and prestige ofMichelangelo, Vignola, Palladio, Sansovino,Vicenzo Scamozzi or Alvise Boldú.

And at this point there had been a bridge for years. It is known that in 1175 there was already a bridge of boats calledQuartarolo, which coincidentally is the name of the currency that was used to pay for their passage. Such a structure lasted for centuries, but already in the 15th century it was decided to build a more stable structure.

That bridge was going to be made with a wooden structure, it was going to have two moving parts to let the boats pass and it was also going to have some shops on its surface. Its appearance can be known thanks to a representation of it made by the painter Vittorio Carpaccio.

But finally in the 16th century, it was decided to remove that wooden bridge and make it much more stable and use stone for it. It was then that this contest was called, in which Antonio da Ponte won.

After the commission, the works began, in which no more and no less than three years were invested, from 1588 to 1591. And the fact is that the construction has an imposing presence, since it has a single arcade, which is raises enough to allow the passage of certain boats. That arch has a length of 28 meters and several very stable and constructed tents were installed on it, also built with a material as rich as marble.

In short, its solidity and beauty have made it one of the typical postcards of Venice for centuries and today.

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