Washington Monument

Washington Monument
Washington Monument

In the National Mall or National Esplanade of the American city of Washington D.C. there are two of the monuments that show the American trend of patriotism; At the end of the 18th century, plans for the city were devised with Washington with the idea that the city itself would transmit the values ​​for which it had fought in the War of Independence. In this context, we must point out how some of the monuments that we find in this place are a sample of the spirit of freedom and self-determination that guided the American men of the time; Perhaps for this reason and so that this same feeling would survive throughout history, in the country's capital there are some of the monuments that commemorate the great men who made the American ideal possible.


In this way we find in the western section of the esplanade the Washington Monument that honours the memory of the first American president and one of the top leaders of the War of Independence against the British. Since the premature death of the president in 1799, the idea of ​​erecting a monument in his memory has been gaining more and more strength, however, agreeing on the matter did not seem so simple; Some raised the idea of ​​building a mausoleum, however the president's family did not seem to agree. Finally, one hundred years later, on the centenary of theIn commemoration of his birth, a society for the Washington National Monument was created and raised the money necessary for its construction.

Then a large obelisk was chosen, which in principle was planned to be surrounded by a railing or balustrade and which was ultimately never built as some voices disagreed about how it should be –today today the monument lacks a balustrade but is always surrounded by a set of American flags. The architect in charge of the construction was Robert Mills (1781 – 1855), the works were delayed for more than thirty years since the economic budget was too tight due to the expenses of the war. Finally, it was decided to build a large obelisk about one hundred and seventy meters high, at that time and until the construction of the Eiffel Tower designed in France for the Universal Exhibition, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in history.

It was suggested that the work should be made with American materials, so marble, granite and sandstone were used. When you reach fifty meters high you can see an appreciable change in the marble and granite used since the resources ran out and the stones had to be taken from other different quarries.

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